100% de nos clients interrogés recommanderaient le système eLeader Mobile Visit à d’autres utilisateurs.

*Les résultats de l’enquête de satisfaction du système eLeader Mobile Visit réalisé dans les 6 mois suivant le déploiement du système.



      NUTRICIA WORLDWIDE a introduit des normes de travail uniformes pour les représentants, indépendamment de la latitude et de la longitude. Les domaines les plus importants des opérations sur le terrain ont été exprimés en la vision stratégique de Perfect Store. Il était censé être en mesure de comparer objectivement les résultats des représentants individuels, des magasins individuels, mais aussi de pays entiers, y compris le KPI global de l’ensemble du projet.

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    • lenovo


      The deployment of the original eLeader Mobile Visit SFA/FFM/RSE system fulfilled 100 percent of the project goals. Sales effectiveness is on the increase, field teams are working more efficiently, standardized data enables precise management of markets from the head office level.

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    • Whirlpool logo

      Whirlpool logo

      One of the biggest household appliances manufacturers in the world, Whirlpool, supports its mobile salesforce and merchandising activities by using an advanced solution: eLeader Mobile Visit Merchandising Edition.

    • British American Tobacco

      British American Tobacco

      The implementation of the solution helps to expand BAT’s sales teams possibilities and improve their promotional activities in face to face contact with the customers using mobile devices.

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    • danone_logo


      The implementation of the eLeader mobile solution made it possible to complement the current system and increase the efficiency of the sales process thanks to modules responsible for comprehensive management of the visit, promotion process support, mobile access to the multimedia database of the organization and managing the refrigerators.

    • Xiaomi logo

      Xiaomi logo

      Le projet en Colombie est né en 2019, de la main de GomezLee Marketing et Tekmovil, offrant l’opportunité aux promoteurs technologiques experts de conseiller et soutenir la vente de la marque Xiaomi dans les points de vente de l’opérateur mobile sur le territoire Colombien.

    • bsh
    • LG


      The eLeader Mobile Visit solution is used in Poland and Saudi Arabia. The configuration of the application includes the Map Module for verification whether users are in the workplace. LG also uses the File Module, which provides training materials.

    • Zelmer


      The Polish leader of household appliance market, Zelmer company (a member of BSH – Bosch und Siemens Hausgerate GmbH – the largest manufacturer of home appliances in Europe), took another step towards raising its work standards by equipping its sales representatives with tablets with eLeader Mobile Visit.

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    • Makro logo

      Makro logo

      La société Makro avait pour objectif de mieux planifier et contrôler les visites sur le terrain, de mieux gérer la clientèle et de mettre en œuvre plus efficacement des campagnes promotionnelles. eLeader Mobile Visit fournit à Makro les données de visite collectées, permet l’intégration à des systèmes centraux, fonctionne sur différents canaux et prend en charge de nombreux types de campagnes marketing.

    • BIC
    • Stock pralim est une société spécialisée dans la distribution de produits de grande consommation. Son activité s’étend sur tous les canaux de distribution : vente en gros, vente au détail et HoReCa. Leader du marché de la distribution marocain et pionnier de l’innovation en matière d’automatisation des processus de vente a mis en place la solution eLeader Mobile Visit pour son réseau de vente national.

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    • Zott
    • Maspex Logo

      Maspex Logo

      « Implementation of eLeader Shelf Recognition caused some user resistance in 2014. Today, former skeptics admit that working with the app gives significant benefits in shelf competition and optimizes visit reporting. » – Rafał Prus, Sales Support Manager, GTM Department, Maspex Wadowice

    • TRIA
    • Ambra
    • Tchibo
    • frosta


      The producer of highest quality frozen foods has deployed an SFA / FFM solution – eLeader Mobile Visit Sales Edition. In this way, Frosta made a big step towards the improvement of its field forces work. Deployed in barely four weeks, the solution rationalizes all business processes that employees of the company complete every day.

    • Lindt


      Apart from reducing operational costs and minimizing the time of providing information from the market, the most essential benefit from the eLeader Mobile Visit application in Lindt is extending the time a sale representative devotes to his business partner.

    • Lactalis


      A world leader in the dairy industry, Lactalis, uses the eLeader SFA system and the Connector service, which makes it possible to dispatch the company’s orders directly to their distributors.

    • Tan-Viet


      The largest distributor and importer of oriental food in Poland has equipped its mobile employees with advanced eLeader Mobile Visit Sales and Merchandising Edition. Customized solutions will optimize the work of retail, wholesale and network sales.

    • savencia_logo


      Savencia Fromage & Dairy, by implementing eLeader’s SFA system in Poland, has decided to outsource server infrastructure, eLeader DataCenter, to save on hardware, reduce operating costs and ensure uninterrupted system operation.

    • Animex


      Animex is the largest employer in the meat industry in Poland, creating its brand through innovative thinking about business. The company uses the eLeader Mobile Visit solution, which fits in with the company’s philosophy of innovation through new technologies.

    • Bunge


      Bunge Poland is part of the Bunge Group – a world leader in the processing of oil seeds and the world’s largest producer of vegetable oils. A good example of a non-collision change of platform from Android to iOS as part of one SFA system from eLeader. The company also uses the eLeader Connector solution to transfer orders.

    • Graal


      The eLeader Mobile Visit solution has been lately implemented for the leader of fish products on the Polish market. The mobile application will improve the company’s processes in both traditional and modern channels.

    • Jurajska


      Jurajska, building on state-of-the-art production technologies, aspires to become one of the leaders of the Polish beverage industry. eLeader Mobile Visit supports two different groups of employees (manufacturers and distributors) on two different platforms (Windows and Android).

    • Kruger


      The company Krüger Sp. z o.o. is part of the Krüger GmbH group, which owns companies in 12 countries worldwide and employs over 4,400 people. The company uses the eLeader Mobile Visit SFA system on the Android platform. Field forces work with the Map Module responsible for optimizing routes in terms of travel time, work time, and fuel costs.

    • Kupiec


      One of the largest producers of healthy food in Poland. As a promoter of healthy food, it seeks to ensure that it’s products meet the highest quality standards. The company has one of the most extensive distribution networks (over 100 points) integrated with the eLeader Mobile Visit SFA / FFM system.

    • Lapo


      eLeader team have created a customized application in line with LAPO MfB’s operational field processes in order to enhance the efficiency of LAPO MfB’s field staff through the use of a mobile, Android-based smartphone solution.

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    • Midas


      Midas is a market leader in the production of interior finishings. The mileage of our sales representatives’ cars has decreased by 10-12 percent, since eLeader software calculates the most economical route, compares it to the actual distance covered by our employee and optimizes route planning. – Paweł Wrona, Midas