100% of surveyed clients would recommend the eLeader system to others.

*Based on the results of the survey of satisfaction from the eLeader Mobile Visit system carried out during 6 months since implementation.

    • Among the companies that decided to make a quantum leap towards real reporting and obtaining information valuable to the sales force from the market was DANONE, which decided to support human senses with artificial intelligence closed in a mobile application.

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      NUTRICIA WORLDWIDE has introduced uniform working standards for representatives regardless of latitude and longitude. The most important areas of field operations were expressed as KPIs under the Perfect Store strategic vision. It was expected to be able to objectively compare the results achieved by individual representatives, individual stores, but also entire countries, including the global KPI of the entire project.

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    • lenovo


      The deployment of the original eLeader Mobile Visit SFA/FFM/RSE system fulfilled 100 percent of the project goals. Sales effectiveness is on the increase, field teams are working more efficiently, standardized data enables precise management of markets from the head office level.

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    • Whirlpool logo

      Whirlpool logo

      One of the biggest household appliances manufacturers in the world, Whirlpool, supports its mobile salesforce and merchandising activities by using an advanced solution: eLeader Mobile Visit Merchandising Edition.

    • Xiaomi logo

      Xiaomi logo

      The project in Colombia was born in 2019, from the hand of GomezLee Marketing and Tekmovil, offering the opportunity to expert technology promoters to advise and support the sale of the Xiaomi brand in the Points of Sale of mobile operator in the national territory.

    • Distra Logo

      Distra Logo

      Distra is a part of Mutandis Group, an industrial and commercial group that owns 9 industrial sites with a total of 3000 employees. In response to market challenges, Distra – a company dealing in the distribution of products from the FMCG sector in Morocco, decided to invest in SFA / FFM technology, which would improve their sales, logistics, and marketing processes. Their choice fell on the eLeader Mobile Visit platform.

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    • British American Tobacco

      British American Tobacco

      The implementation of the solution helps to expand BAT’s sales teams possibilities and improve their promotional activities in face to face contact with the customers using mobile devices.

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    • Basing on the positive experience of using the system in Poland, the managers responsible at DANONE for the Romanian market replaced the systems for field representatives used so far with one complete eLeader Mobile Visit application.

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    • bsh


      One of the largest home appliance manufacturer in Europe uses eLeader Mobile Visit in North and Eastern Europe. A mobile field force management tool used on iOS devices helps the company to handle all of the field force operations on the market and provide management with dedicated customized reports.

    • Logo Spomlek

      Logo Spomlek

      To increase the motivation and efficiency of salespeople in the area of store exposition, our client implemented the eLeader Perfect Store & Visit module. As a result, the quality of work increased, and KPIs related to the visibility of products increased by up to 25%.

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    • LG


      The eLeader Mobile Visit solution is used in Poland and Saudi Arabia. The configuration of the application includes the Map Module for verification whether users are in the workplace. LG also uses the File Module, which provides training materials.

    • Zelmer


      The Polish leader of household appliance market, Zelmer company (a member of BSH – Bosch und Siemens Hausgerate GmbH – the largest manufacturer of home appliances in Europe), took another step towards raising its work standards by equipping its sales representatives with tablets with eLeader Mobile Visit.

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    • Makro logo

      Makro logo

      The Makro company aimed to better plan and control field visits, better manage the customer base and more efficiently implement promotional campaigns. eLeader Mobile Visit provides Makro with collected visit data, enables integration with central systems, works in various channels and supports many types of marketing campaigns.

    • BIC


      Managerowie BIC Poland poszukiwali systemu, który lepiej obsłuży standardowe i niestandardowe aktywności (obok zwykłych wizyt, zamówienia targowe, wizyty u dystrybutorów), również te z obszarów CRM czy HR. eLeader otrzymał możliwość wspierania handlowców BIC oferując sprawną, wygodną i elastyczną aplikację SFA eLeader Mobile Visit.

    • Stock Pralim is an FMCG distribution company which supports all distribution channels: wholesale, retail and HoReCa. The leader of the Moroccan distribution market and a pioneer of innovation in terms of the automation of sales processes, Stock Pralim has implemented eLeader Mobile Visit for their national network.

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    • Zott


      The system supports mobile workers in creating and editing client databases, managing merchandise, organising promotions. It also facilitates access to the full cooperation record, enhances the execution of liabilities and optimizes travel routes.

    • Maspex Logo

      Maspex Logo

      “Implementation of eLeader Shelf Recognition caused some user resistance in 2014. Today, former skeptics admit that working with the app gives significant benefits in shelf competition and optimizes visit reporting.” – Rafał Prus, Sales Support Manager, GTM Department, Maspex Wadowice

    • TRIA


      There is no stronger player than Tria Group on the market of cereal products manufacture and distribution that Morocco knows of. Tria is now using the eLeader Mobile Visit system. With the involvement of a local partner, eLeader strengthens its position in North Africa and increases the dynamics of the client’s development.

    • Asment Temara

      Asment Temara

      Operating in Morocco, tycoon Asment Temara (Votarantim Cementos) decided to automate a number of business processes using the eLeader Mobile Visit system.

    • Samsung Logo
    • Ambra


      The application supports and automates basic activities (e.g. orders or presence monitoring) and supports field employees (using the GPS module), as well as supports a number of unique processes that lead Ambra’s regional representatives and managers each day to gain a strong market position for the company.

    • Tchibo


      Tchibo Coffee Service Poland was looking for a mobile solution which would improve the management of Sales Force, Logistics and Technical Support. The application from eLeader has made it possible to digitize documentation circulating within the company but in the first place, allow a smooth exchange of information.

    • frosta


      The producer of highest quality frozen foods has deployed an SFA / FFM solution – eLeader Mobile Visit Sales Edition. In this way, Frosta made a big step towards the improvement of its field forces work. Deployed in barely four weeks, the solution rationalizes all business processes that employees of the company complete every day.

    • Forte


      The company Fabryki Mebli “Forte” S.A. resolved that eLeader Mobile Visit would provide the best execution of the display and visual strategy in the field. The configuration of the application turned out to be the main asset of the solution, which made it possible to combine reporting by means of forms with visual reporting.

    • Develey


      The Develey company, one of the biggest producers of mustards and sauces and the exclusive provider for McDonald’s in Europe has deployed eLeader Mobile Visit – an SFA / FFM class solution supporting mobile forces.

    • Indykpol


      The result of meeting the requirements in a short time of a nationwide, well-organized sales network has been possible only thanks to earlier free tests. The tests have provided relevant data and revealed areas, that required immediate intensive work of the Indykpol’ team.

    • Lactalis


      A world leader in the dairy industry, Lactalis, uses the eLeader SFA system and the Connector service, which makes it possible to dispatch the company’s orders directly to their distributors.

    • Tan-Viet


      The largest distributor and importer of oriental food in Poland has equipped its mobile employees with advanced eLeader Mobile Visit Sales and Merchandising Edition. Customized solutions will optimize the work of retail, wholesale and network sales.

    • savencia_logo


      Savencia Fromage & Dairy, by implementing eLeader’s SFA system in Poland, has decided to outsource server infrastructure, eLeader DataCenter, to save on hardware, reduce operating costs and ensure uninterrupted system operation.

    • Bunge


      Bunge Poland is part of the Bunge Group – a world leader in the processing of oil seeds and the world’s largest producer of vegetable oils. A good example of a non-collision change of platform from Android to iOS as part of one SFA system from eLeader. The company also uses the eLeader Connector solution to transfer orders.

    • Graal


      The eLeader Mobile Visit solution has been lately implemented for the leader of fish products on the Polish market. The mobile application will improve the company’s processes in both traditional and modern channels.

    • Jurajska


      Jurajska, building on state-of-the-art production technologies, aspires to become one of the leaders of the Polish beverage industry. eLeader Mobile Visit supports two different groups of employees (manufacturers and distributors) on two different platforms (Windows and Android).

    • Kruger


      The company Krüger Sp. z o.o. is part of the Krüger GmbH group, which owns companies in 12 countries worldwide and employs over 4,400 people. The company uses the eLeader Mobile Visit SFA system on the Android platform. Field forces work with the Map Module responsible for optimizing routes in terms of travel time, work time, and fuel costs.

    • Kupiec


      One of the largest producers of healthy food in Poland. As a promoter of healthy food, it seeks to ensure that it’s products meet the highest quality standards. The company’s distribution network is integrated with the eLeader Mobile Visit SFA / FFM system.

    • Midas


      Midas is a market leader in the production of interior finishings. The mileage of our sales representatives’ cars has decreased by 10-12 percent, since eLeader software calculates the most economical route, compares it to the actual distance covered by our employee and optimizes route planning. – Paweł Wrona, Midas

    • Lapo


      eLeader team have created a customized application in line with LAPO MfB’s operational field processes in order to enhance the efficiency of LAPO MfB’s field staff through the use of a mobile, Android-based smartphone solution.

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