Applications for professionals to streamline processes in sales


Do you want to better manage the work of sales representatives, merchandisers, promoters, or service technicians? We have a complete solution for you.


If you wish to accelerate the audit of the product shelf using artificial intelligence, we will help you with this.


And if you want to increase your sales range – we offer a mobile b2b platform.

eLeader Mobile Visit

Take advantage of process automation for field teams

With the application, you will improve sales, logistics, and marketing processes in the field using the Perfect Store tools, automatic shelf analysis, Business Intelligence, or Retail Activity Optimization.

Thanks to eLeader Mobile Visit, information analysis is faster, people work more efficiently, and sales increase.



Functionalities of many systems in one solution







Trustworthy solution

eLeader Mobile Visit is the first in the world SFA/FFM system created for smartphones, implemented in 80 countries and 19 language versions so far. The diversity of the projects continuously developed with clients from different continents allows us to regard them as the most mature projects on the market.

eLeader Mobile Visit in Gartner reports

According to Gartner, an analytics company, a vast increase in the number of users of the application, combined with its strong usability, justify the claim to see eLeader Mobile Visit as aspiring to be among the top five solutions in the world.



Our clients about us

Taking care of implementations of sales force automation systems in different parts of the world, I am particularly sensitive to the nuances that distinguish the style of work of sales teams in different countries. eLeader Mobile Visit impresses with its functional potential, flexibillity and quick adaptation of the configuration to the specific nature of a given market. eLeader is a truly global player.

Deniss Korotkevics
Junior Commercial Development Manager

eLeader provides a global solution with a local approach. We are operating on different continents, so we’ve needed a solution that can provide opportunity to combine both Lenovo global approach with the individual needs of every market. Thanks to eLeader our business is constantly growing.

Mao Bailin
Channel & Retail Development

We have chosen eLeader because we knew, that it's solutions work for variety of industries in different markets. Efficient deployment and configuration confirmed our assumptions. Right now we are collaborating with eLeader in the middle east and we believe that the solution can benefit our global sales and marketing teams.

Hamed Pardakhtchi
Trade Marketing Development Executive
British American Tobacco Pars

A major asset of eLeader Mobile Visit is the comfort and fast pace of implementation of new functionalities which are currently needed. Owing to the smartly designed structure and flexibility of the application, we can collect more data from the field and make better use of it to make our business grow.

Mehmet Başeğmez
Marketing Director
BRITA Turkey

We apply Zott quality policy both to our products and sales methods. We have chosen the eLeader Mobile Visit system because it obtains precise data and delivers reports which streamline business decision processes.

Piotr Sibielak
Zott Poland

eLeader Mobile Visit enhances the work of our field force, enabling us to manage the quality of this work.

Dorota Kamaszyn
Analytics, Administration & Projects Management Manager
Tchibo Coffee Service Poland

eLeader proved to be the best system that is easily adapted to all requirements of the nature of mobile work.

The pilot program, during which employees had the opportunity to work on a fully configured solution, made it possible to test the capabilities of the system in real business conditions.

Adam Oleszkiewicz

eLeader provided us with a system and support that we exactly needed. The deployment was swift and did not cause any disturbances.

Artur Ryczkowski
Sales Director
TEEKANNE-Polska Sp. z o.o.

With the adoption of eLeader, sales management became seamless and we had better insight in the daily activities of the team. It is quite detailed and easy to use.

Gbenga Adegboye

Introducing even great changes did not entail the need of programming.
Configuration can be modelled "on the go", which, despite frequent changes in our company, assumes no additional costs connected with the maintenance of the solution.

Maciej Klimek
HJ Heinz

Thanks to eLeader Shelf Recognition we can manage sales processes much more effectively because we receive high quality data from the field. Work with the application helps us increase the level of key parameters for us: availability of products and the quality of their in-store exposure.

Sebastian Zapała

eLeader Mobile visit is a well-designed platform for front and back-office users which gives space for more creativity and autonomy for our local admins. eLeader technical & project management teams make sure the application and its modules are up to date with the latest functionalities. They also provide full-time support and make themselves available for brainstorming/consulting to implement new functionalities according to the always evolving business context. My experience with eLeader has been very positive and allowed me to learn more with every new project.

Fatima Ezzahra Kadem
Senior route market analyst

The mileage of our sales representatives’ cars has decreased by 10-12 percent, since eLeader software calculates the most economical route, compares it to the actual distance covered by our employee and optimizes route planning.

Paweł Wrona

eLeader has revolutionized our Field Banking Operations, which are the core of our Financial Institution Model.

Josephine Nwachukwu
Executive Director
LAPO Microfinance Bank

We took a daring decision to cooperate with a foreign SFA system provider and we are giving it thumbs up. Thanks to eLeader Mobile Visit our network of mobile workers have access to a world-class solution that works more efficiently, and the warehouse inventory data is considerably more precise and accessible. This means savings and accelerated sales volume development.

Adil El Azzouzi
Tria Group

We have placed our trust in eLeader because of their vast experience in the field force automation systems. Thanks to a committed partner, all the implementation and maintenance related matters are running very smoothly.

Youssef Alouani
Sales and Marketing Manager

In Stock Pralim, we set new market trends, implementing innovative solutions which facilitate our everyday work and benefit the company. eLeader Mobile Visit has not only flexibly fitted into our requirements, providing comfort and stability of work, but it has also contributed to a more conscious sales policy, smartly handling special offers and returns. The implementation was an excellent idea.

Aziz Boufars
General Manager
Stock Pralim


  • Perfect Store & KPI
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    Mobile charts and KPIs
    Interactive dashboards
    Planograms and merchandising standards
    Files and multimedia
    Analysis on maps
    Gamification & Bonus/Malus systems
    Promo activities wizards
    promotions icon
    Promotions and discount levels
    Data cleansing
    report icon
    Reports and analysis wizards
    Products galeries
    Product research
    Automatic route optimization
    Loyalty programs
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    Preselling and Vanselling
  • ic_menu_report_print
    Equipment record
    Central promotions
    Fraud detection on maps
    Distributor integration
    Business Intelligence
    Document flow
    Agreements record and monitoring
    Office 365 integration
    Quantitative and qualitative targets
    POS and Contact management
    Barcode scanner
    Work calendars and replacements
    Costs record
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    Data analysis
    Visit planning
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    Orders including debt management
    Fleet management
    Warehouse management
  • Returns & returnable packages
    Physical inventory
    Additional visit planning on- the-fly
    Balance of payments
    Incomes & Outcomes
    Dynamic object segmentation
    Quizes and trainings
    Central / internal integrations
    Leave requests
    Mobile warehouses
    Visit assistant
    Biometric login

Superior user interface

Even the most advanced functions must be user-friendly. This is why we design custom developed interface solutions for every platform and type of device.

Our excellent attitude has been recognized by Gartner, who described our application interfaces as excellent and standing out compared to solutions from other providers.



*Source: Gartner, “Market Guide for Retail Execution and Monitoring Solutions for the Consumer Goods Industry”, 2015.

The mobile assistant for your on-the-go workforce

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Plan the work of your field staff from scheduling visits to prioritizing tasks and to facilitating customer interactions.



Optimize field operations thanks to the information on the realization of a perfect store strategy and KPIs displayed in the right place and at the right time.


Track and update sellers on the most current discounts and promotions based on real-time product data.


Equip merchandisers with convenient tools to manage shelf displays.



Help auditors collect critical information for immediate processing.



Support trainers with easily accessible coaching materials and surveys.

Flexibillity above all

The phenomenon of quick implementations

We build business products on the configuration platform that we created to deliver solutions faster and tailor them to specific requirements.

We maintain full compatibility of modules and data consistency with the fast configuration and creation of applications.

We reflect all individual business processes of the customer even in 3 weeks!

The offer you receive includes know-how that will give you an advantage in the market.

The system is developing along with you

We respond immediately to the changes in your business environment.

We share the experience, gathered during over 20 years of activity on the market.

The system allows independent modifications of visit scenarios in just a few seconds.

Our business model also covers handling all your tasks by eLeader teams – as part of free subscription packages.

What do you gain?

  • Swift and seamless implementation – for years we have maintained a punctuality record of 100%.
  • The system that fully reflects the reality of your organization.
  • Immediate adjustment of the configuration without extra costs, budgeting, or delays.

Take advantage of our experience

If you are interested in improving business processes, write to us and we will present a tailor-made proposal to you.

Our specialists will gladly familiarize themselves with your needs and propose perfectly matching system components.