Taking photos of your display? Great. Tell us what happens to them next?

Since the cameras have been in our phones for good, photos from stores are almost an inseparable element of a sales representative’s visit to points of sale. In the SFA application for sales representatives, the results of actions taken at the point are reported.

handlowiec salesman automatyzacja sprzedaży eleader sales automation sales force automation system sfa

Sales automation – without this element your field strategy will fail

Sales automation is the answer to the problems of organising salespeople's time and sales efficiency. How to automate field sales?


Price on shelf different from price at checkout – what should the shop do?

Dynamiczna segmentacja dynamic segmentation automatic segmentataion

Dynamic segmentation of the customers

If you manage sales and lead a team of sales representatives, you probably had various questions in your mind. Am I missing sales opportunities? Which stores should traders be directed to? Is the division of the market we introduced still valid? You will answer them easier if customers’ segmentation appears in the puzzle called sales strategy. It’s even easier if you support segmentation in sales with automation.

Mężczyzna na grafice zastanawia się, ile kosztuje aplikacja SFA

How much the SFA application costs, a question of price

– One more thing: how much will it cost?

oprogramowanie dla agencji merchandisingowej

How to use merchandising agency software effectively

A merchandising agency offering the services of field teams is one of those businesses that is strongly governed by the client’s market. The amount of the margin often verges on profitability. So how to look for advantages in the fight for the client and what influences the acquisition of the order? As partners and developers of the software for agencies, we know a bit about it and we will be happy to provide some inspiration.

eLeader Implementation In Anker

Anker implements eLeader Mobile Visit

Anker Innovations is a manufacturer of high-quality electronic devices and a leading brand in the field of charging accessories. The company is also known for their audio equipment (Soundcore). Anker was seeking a way to organize the data flowing from promoters who work in modern channel stores.


How to increase ROI from Sales Force Automation implementation? The solution is at hand [INFOGRAPHICS]

Let’s be clear at the outset: it is not a bad thing to be concerned about whether a system to support your field representatives will give you benefits beyond the cost of implementing it. The risk of overpaying for a system always happens, but there are methods to limit it. In this article, we identify one way to increase the return on investment, which is the purchase of the SFA system.

Nutricia Shelf Recognition Sebastian Zapała

How to implement Shelf Recognition system, organize the corresponding processes and win the market? We are talking to Sebastian Zapała – the Sales Performance Manager of Nutricia Poland

What challenges accompany the implementation of Shelf Recognition? What to focus on? How to prepare? Sebastian Zapała from Nutricia Poland is here to answer.


eLeader Mobile Visit automates the work of sales animators at Ingelec (Morocco)

Ingelec is a Moroccan company, which dynamically operates in the household appliances industry. Since its inception, it has been constantly involved in the development of products that meet international standards and the needs of the most demanding customers. Due to the dynamic development of the company and the growing market requirements, Ingelec was looking for a new mobile system that would support the management of sales and merchandising processes, as well as assist animators, working at the points-of-sale.