Sales visit scenario – what elements does the ideal one include?

A universal sales visit scenario? It likely doesn't exist. However, if you include these elements, you'll get closer to the ideal. Check the tips

promocje automatyzacja zamówień

Promotions in orders during sales visits

Promotions in orders placed during sales visits are standard in the relationship between manufacturers, distributors and stores. As consumers, we understand perfectly why we are eager to take advantage of promotions and often expect sellers to organise them. Although the decision-making process for B2B purchases differs from the consumer market, many promotional mechanisms apply directly.

Automatyzacja zamówień

Order automation for sales representatives – a complete guide

Kto pamięta zamówienia towaru do punktów sprzedaży spisywane na kartkach czy druczkach? Optymistycznie zakładamy, że już chyba wszędzie odeszły do przeszłości (prawda?). W nowoczesnym obrocie zastąpiły je elektroniczne obiegi dokumentów i automatyzacja zamówień stała się faktem. Jak ją umiejętnie włączyć do swoich procesów sprzedażowych? Przegląd możliwości znajdziesz w tym artykule.


Surveys in the work of a sales representative – 14 examples that will help you understand your sales

Action is more effective when it is based on knowledge. This well-known fact begs the question: how and where do we get the knowledge we need to make decisions and take action? For more than 200 years, one of the most popular ways to gather and validate information has been through surveys. Surveys are a powerful tool that can bring a range of benefits to your business.


Planning sales representatives’ routes and optimizing them, step by step

Planning trade routes in SFA/RSE systems. Optimization of travel routes and automation of the entire process. Reach further with your sales


Monitoring the Work of Sales Representatives

Sales visits, stationary merchandising, service visits, promotions, animations are activities that build relationships with customers, increase order flow, shape the company’s image, promote the offer, maintain product exposure – the list goes on. Brand awareness, customer satisfaction, the success of product innovations and often the success of the sales strategy depend on their course. The nature of this activity – far from sales managers and directors – makes it difficult to control the work of sales representatives or other field staff. It also weakens the employee’s bond with the company, testing morale and motivation to perform for the employer.

Automatyczne badanie półki i standardy merchandisingowe w sklepie

How to maintain merchandising standards and a perfect store thanks to AI [VIDEO]

Store display and the merchandising standards that define it are one of the basic means of influencing customers in the store. A consumer entering a supermarket with a shopping list usually has one goal – to leave as quickly as possible with 100% of the products checked off. Missing even one item means one thing – frustration. Purchasing a less desirable substitute or having to go to another store does not create a positive shopping experience. This is a simple way of decreasing loyalty to a brand or store. Fortunately, we have a good recipe for bringing the store shelf closer to perfection.


Examining the planogram will help you reduce stock gaps

Good display is a top priority in retail. Providing consumers with a wide range of products, but with a suggestion to choose the highest-margin products, only seems like a simple task. Even the most beautiful planogram will not sell, especially when the shelf suffers from chronic stock gaps.

Raporty sprzedażowe na mapach w pracy dyrektora handlowego, Sales reports on maps in the work of a sales director

Sales reports on maps in the work of a sales director

Well… sales reports are neither romantic nor adventurous literature, (although sometimes they can be classified as horror!). It’s hard to spice up sales analytics, even though you can live it up a bit with Business Intelligence systems. As a sales director, you surely know that a story gets more interesting if you add travel threads to it. So how can you get closer to road movies like “The Straight Story” or “Easy Rider”? Use sales reports on maps that help to tell the story of sales and the functioning of your sales representatives in the field.

Narzędzia wsparcia sprzedaży - przewodnik po systemach

Sales support tools – a guide to systems

Sales support tools - systems guide If you are looking for an application that will help you organize your sales processes in the field, better manage your representatives, plan tasks, account for the achievement of goals, track down irregularities and send orders, then you certainly know that you need a sales support tools.