Improve your organization with Productive24


Productive24 is a platform for instant software development by business analysts – without the participation of programmers. With Productive24 we are able to create and deliver any custom business IT system 10x faster, 20x more cost-effectively, 30x more simply.

Take advantage of Productive24 if:

  • You need a dedicated IT system

  • Your business processes go beyond the IT systems implemented in your organization

  • You have ideas for improvements in your organization, but are discouraged by the vision of a long and costly investment in IT systems

  • You rely on spreadsheets (e.g. MS Excel) to organize your processes, but the limitations related to control and data security are becoming increasingly noticeable

  • Technological debt and obsolete IT systems reduce your competitive advantage

With Productive24 you can:

Save time, money and resources necessary for building sophisticated IT systems for your organization.

Automate, control and improve ongoing processes in all of the company’s departments.

Instantly turn your idea into a working IT system and increase the effectiveness of your organization.

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