eLeader Partner Program

eLeader creates easy-to-implement IT solutions for business.

The Partner Program provides huge opportunities for development and growth resulting from innovation and quality products.

This is proven by hundreds of successfully completed implementations during last years in over 80 countries around the world.

Real business in partnership

Future Partner!

We would like to invite you to eLeader Partner Program. We have a world-class solution and many years of experience gained through many successful deployments worldwide. You have insight into a local market, a strong presence in your area, motivation, and a talent for building a good business.

Thanks to eLeader Partner Program, you can become a member of an international team, remaining in charge of your own time as an independent entrepreneur.

We respect your sovereignty and appreciate your efforts to build your own local brand. That’s why we always give you the freedom to decide how much you want to be associated with us.

Together we can turn these values into success.

Know us better

About eLeader

eLeader is one of the world’s top innovators in the business smartphone mobile software market.

Our state-of-the-art mobile enterprise solutions and associated cloud services are used today by global and national companies in over 80 countries worldwide.

eLeader offers a range of advanced solutions for organizations to reap the benefits of automation and mobilization in many market sectors including goods manufacturing, electronics and household appliance production, trade, banking and finance, pharmaceuticals, healthcare and media.

About Products

eLeader Mobile Visit – an SFA/FFM- class solution for companies with field teams that supports mobile workers during visits. It helps with collecting a variety of merchandising and sales-related information.

eLeader Shelf Recognition AI – an innovative tool utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) to carry out merchandising audit in stores through automatic analysis of product images on store shelves.

Productive24 – a custom platform for creating advanced business applications without the need to employ programmers.

Flexible cooperation models

The Partner Program provides two levels of partnership, depending on the partner’s involvement, competencies, and organizational level.

The status has the strongest effect on the type, scope, and value of business and marketing support granted by eLeader.

Detailed descriptions and differences in the benefits between levels of partnership are described in the eLeader Partner Program Guide.


Business support


Reseller Discounts

Partners earn revenue from sales of eLeader products via generous reseller discounts.


Lead Distribution

eLeader will pass on leads discovered in local markets for investigation or contact by Partners.


Sales Packs

Literature on eLeader products, case studies, presentations, demonstration and training licenses, gadgets and other.


Sales knowledge base

Partners will be given access to the sales knowledge base to maximize the effectiveness of their sales staff.


Technical Knowledge

Technical documentation and access to the technical knowledge base for support during training and service provision.


Named point of contact

Partners will be given named points of contact within eLeader so that they are able to resolve issues.

Marketing support


Starter pack

A set of tools that allow you to start working with prospective clients.


Digital tools

Resources to create and maintain customer awareness.


Physical tools

Promotional materials, gadgets and printed items.


Online tools

Support in positioning, advertising, and evaluation of online activities.


Fairs and events

Participation in important events to be close to the customers.


Prospecting campaigns

Outbound activities focused on generating leads.

Partner Success Story

Digital Edge (United Arab Emirates)

Digital Edge provides solutions that enable visibility and drives profitable growth through field team optimization tools. One of the main tools we extend to our multinational clients is the eLeader FFM & SFA. With the eLeader solution, we were able to extend our reach across the Middle East.

Our team consists of 9 highly competent and trained members. Each of them attended full training on eLeader solutions across all functionalities. Thanks to eLeader solution, we were able to sign a long-term service providing with British American Tobacco across 8 countries.

Throughout the project brief preparation and time of configuration, our team was supported by the eLeader team across all phases. The 2 teams working closely and with all material needed, surely is a formula for success.

Our partnership with eLeader is not about geographical and product representation only, our relationship is built on support, trust, and aim for growth.

Issam Assi – Founder & Managing Partner Digital-Edge, Dubai, UAE

Partnership details

AREA: Middle East





How to join the eLeader Partner Program?

The Partner application process consists of the following steps:

  1. Completion of the Partner application.
  2. Confirmation of company credentials and eligibility.
  3. Signing eLeader partner agreement.
  4. Provision of eLeader materials and product.
  5. Training and certification of Partner – sales and technical.


Become our partner

We are looking for an experienced business partner to market our solutions to clients in your area.

We believe that our unique solution represents a significant revenue opportunity for your organization.