eLeader Retail Portal: mobile platform for your Customers


Personalized b2b application, through which customers themselves are actively completing activities in the field that you designate. It will support your representatives in:


→ placing orders, service orders or complaints

→ effective communication

→ effective marketing and use of loyalty programs

→ obtaining current information from the market

→ analysis of reports


Goal: Optimization

We present the tool of first need in supplier – point of sale (POS) contacts, created based on many years of experience.

eLeader Retail Portal is a solution with an intuitive interface and a number of UX solutions accelerating the implementation of the required activities. We are guided by the idea “straight to the point”.

This goal is even better use of resources and contacts, i.e. optimization of marketing strategy and communication.

Sales 24/7

eLeader Retail Portal will support your customers by providing them with information about the current offer, prices, and discounts, as tailored to their needs as if it was offered by the representative in person.

Your customers will fulfill their order directly from the catalog, order a service, invite a merchandiser, and even submit a complaint via a nerve-soothing form in a comfortable environment.

The aces of service industry

With eLeader Retail portal you will order services without the need to fill multiple paper forms, reports and credentials.

By giving your Customers control over the processes of ordering service technicians, processing complaints, and equipment deliveries, you’ll make it easier for them to do their own work, thanks to which they will become more attached to you and your services.

Your customers will have an insight into your employees’ schedule placing – the calendar management in the application means much less tension when making appointments and managing time.

What determines who will be present on the store shelf?


It is crucial that the product information is properly provided. Give your customers confidence that your offer is up-to-date and the prices match the current expectations of consumers.


Invite Customers to the world of your products. Online newsletters and catalogs available just one click away will give you a sense of control and remove excessive pressure on your order.


If the customer deserves a discount – just give it to him and see how his basket is filling with your products.


Reward partners for their loyalty to your brands through loyalty programs. Nothing grows engagement in business relationship like the vision of benefits and the growing score in any game.

Receive and share information

enriched with conditional logic and attractive visuals gives a quick orientation in the current situation. If you ask the store about the status of the exhibition, you will receive first-hand complete information.

eLeader Shelf Recognition AI
will increase credibility and analytical skills. You will receive exposure photos from all over the market. You will be surprised how insightful and inspiring is automatic shelf analysis thanks to use of AI.

Share the data the customers by providing order history, sales trends, visit plans and product rotation. Make your client the hero of your CRM!

Don’t let yourself be forgotten

Talk to your customers by sending them messages and share with them all information about your offer. Provide them with the information they need to make decisions before everyone.

Decision makers’ smartphones will display PUSH notifications about the selected content, which guarantees that no promotional action will go unnoticed.

Adjust the content and form of communication to the appropriate segment, customer profile, in accordance with the requirements of seasonality and your trade-marketing strategy.

An informed customer is a well-cared customer – that’s why he will choose you from others.

Portal for greater benefits

eLeader Retail Portal is a new platform between stores and suppliers. Ensuring that you are always close to your contractors is an alternative way to build relationships with existing and new customers.

→ Elements of online and offline sales in one mobile application will provide systematic and automated customer retention.

→ Advisors will get a more time to focus on important topics and will be able to advise better.

→ When planning visits, you will simultaneously plan an ‘injection’ of information directly into the smartphones of contractors, who will help Customers ordering and initiating other matters – at a convenient time of 24/7.

→ Implementing promotions and reaching specialty stores will speed up significantly.

→ By gaining full attention and commitment of people deciding about the presence of your products on the shelves, you will present your offer more effectively.

→ If the store understands its interest in perfect product exposure and proper stocking, it will provide you with a lot of important information about the market, shelf status, competition activities and Perfect Store status.

You are the success factor for your Customers

If you help them offer the right products at well-matched prices, the order basket will be filled with your items.

Give them the convenience of ordering, completing surveys, analyzing promotional offers, and even making complaints forms at a convenient time, and you will help them make the most of their time at work. By the way, you will bring a lot of peace to their lives, allowing you to track the status of orders and other matters online without the need to wait for an update.

They will feel appreciated if they are the first to know about promotional campaigns and be able to prepare a shelf for new products, displays and promotional items. Make each one a winner by introducing loyalty programs in which there are no losers and the fight is fought only and the size of the prize.

If you want to deepen relations with Customers using advanced strategy elements, with eLeader Retail portal you can also:

  • ✔ Provide users with exclusive content.
  • ✔ Prioritize matters initiated through the portal.
  • ✔ Create special actions only for users of the system.
  • ✔ Grant a special discount for orders placed through the portal.

Take advantage of our experience

If you are interested in improving business processes, write to us and we will present a tailor-made proposal to you.

Our specialists will gladly familiarize themselves with your needs and propose perfectly matching system components.