Distribution Management System

Increase sales and grow your distribution network.
In a multichannel way.


System for managing distribution

Modern sales process is based on reliable data and strong business relationships with loyal partners.

Start scaling up the distribution of your products with the assistance of the DMS (Distribution Management System) class solution.

Gain an advantage through tasks automation, system integration, as well as data on primary and secondary sales, inventory, and competitors’ activities.

In short, DMS is:

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Cooperation on your terms

Connect your trade partners to one common eLeader DMS system and gain knowledge about the distribution of your products. Automate orders and inventory updates, monitor the flow of goods, sell in a multi-channel way: stationary, in the field, and remotely. Manage orders, pre-orders, and van selling with a single system. Credit contractors and settle accounts with them through multiple payment channels. Analyse data, gain competitive advantages and expand the distribution network.




Until recently, our operations in different countries were conducted using information stored in a number of different systems, which made it difficult to use data and manage teams on a daily basis. The implementation of the eLeader system addressed the needs of our subsidiaries, increasing the efficiency of fieldwork and optimizing the distribution of our products. The deployment of the distributor module was a small revolution, which enabled us to improve all the links in our distribution chain.

Henri Martial Assanvo
Sales and Distribution Application Manager, Castel

The mobile assistant for your on-the-go workforce

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Plan the work of your field staff from scheduling visits to prioritizing tasks and to facilitating customer interactions.



Optimize field operations thanks to the information on the realization of a perfect store strategy and KPIs displayed in the right place and at the right time.


Track and update sellers on the most current discounts and promotions based on real-time product data.


Equip merchandisers with convenient tools to manage shelf displays.



Help auditors collect critical information for immediate processing.



Support trainers with easily accessible coaching materials and surveys.

Warehouse management

You will ensure efficient and smooth distribution by improving warehouse conditions, which affect the product flow. It cannot be done without digitization and automation of activities, related to the goods storage and movement. See what modern warehouse management can be like after the implementation of the DMS system for your organization and your partners:


Automation of orders and their integration with inventory.


Automatic inventory updates on representatives’ devices.


Mobile warehouses for van sellers and deliverers.


Freedom to choose the distributor with the best sales and delivery conditions.


Reservation of products in warehouses.


Easy transfer of goods between warehouses.


Physical inventory to reduce warehouse discrepancies.


Complaints and returns with automatic documentation flow.


Analytics, facilitating the forecasting of the demand.

Adjusting the offer to the market

Improving the speed-to-market ratio

Market segmentation

Competition monitoring

Better store display

Matched prices

Useful reports and analytics

Cost and loss reduction

Logistics generate costs. Losses cannot be avoided but can be limited with the help of optimization functionalities:

  • Route optimization (reaching customers faster, more visits, less fuel used).
  •  Monitoring of transport packaging (e.g. registration of pallets or boxes in mobile warehouses in the supply chain).
  • Management of returnable packaging and multipacks (e.g. efficient workflow in the mobile application for bottles, returned during ordering).


  • Perfect Store & KPI
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    Mobile charts and KPIs
    Interactive dashboards
    Planograms and merchandising standards
    Files and multimedia
    Analysis on maps
    Gamification & Bonus/Malus systems
    Promo activities wizards
    promotions icon
    Promotions and discount levels
    Data cleansing
    report icon
    Reports and analysis wizards
    Products galeries
    Product research
    Automatic route optimization
    Loyalty programs
    cart icon
    Preselling and Vanselling
  • ic_menu_report_print
    Equipment record
    Central promotions
    Fraud detection on maps
    Distributor integration
    Business Intelligence
    Document flow
    Agreements record and monitoring
    Office 365 integration
    Quantitative and qualitative targets
    POS and Contact management
    Barcode scanner
    Work calendars and replacements
    Costs record
    report icon
    Data analysis
    Visit planning
    cart icon
    Orders including debt management
    Fleet management
    Warehouse management
  • Returns & returnable packages
    Physical inventory
    Additional visit planning on- the-fly
    Balance of payments
    Incomes & Outcomes
    Dynamic object segmentation
    Quizes and trainings
    Central / internal integrations
    Leave requests
    Mobile warehouses
    Visit assistant
    Biometric login

Mobile channel – distribution booster

Sell more through building good relationships in stores, gathering field data, and encouraging consultative selling among sales reps.

eLeader DMS supports motivation with the Perfect Store & Visit module. You will benefit from better display supported by AI, more efficient planning of tasks, fraud detection and management of the POS database trough the mobile application.

The advantage?

Better market recognition and reaching new points of sale ahead of the competition.

The complete guide to DMS

When cooperating with global manufacturers, we have noticed recurring challenges that drain the energy out of business operations and drive sales directors mad.

Download the e-book, and find complete knowledge about digital solutions and tools which will support you in managing and developing your sales by working with the distributors’ network.



Scale up your distribution network smoothly and take the market by storm

  • Give your distributors a system with a complete set of functionalities to improve their daily work.
  • Automate their warehouse processes, orders, and reporting to help them increase sales. This will make them more flexible in terms of prices and more willing to share valuable data.
  • A special channel, which provides information on prices, promotions, and new products, will ensure the loyalty of your partners and their motivation to work systematically with your offer.
  • Customer segmentation will allow to better adjust the terms of cooperation to market possibilities and partners’ potential (e.g. special discounts for those reaching the best sales targets).
  • By sharing your information with distributors, you will better serve your end-customers.

Greater market coverage without increasing personnel costs

Distributors will be your traders

One common system means effective task management, planning, execution and reporting. eLeader DMS opens the door to extensive cooperation between the manufacturer, distributors, warehouses and sales representatives.

Mobile salesmen will increase efficiency

You will direct them to specific locations, as required by business, thanks to which they will work with key customers and increase the value of orders, without being distracted by less important matters.

Shopkeepers will become field agents

With eLeader Retail Portal you can get orders, feedback, and reports directly from point-of-sale employees.

Data integration

During implementations in companies all over the world, we still encounter the problem of the lack of automatic data exchange between corporate IT systems, distributors, and the mobile system. In the eLeader Integration Department, we create interfaces for customers that allow efficient and trouble-free data exchange between IT systems.

How will you benefit from the correct data and systems integration?

  • Confirmation of orders and deliveries within the system ensures that the distributor receives the necessary information for order processing.
  • Information on the actual order status, sent by sales reps.
  • Automatic information about distributors’ sales.
  • Information about products, lacking in the orders, which are being carried out.
  • The actual settlement of representatives’ sales, based on the distributors’ invoices.
  • Downloading stock levels and prices directly from the distributor.
  • Better production and logistics planning thanks to the up-to-date market information.
  • Monitoring sales of both distributors and manufacturer’s own sales reps.
  • Information on sales across various regions.

How will eLeader DMS improve your sales?

Your distributors sell more

They have the products in stock and deliver them efficiently to the stores.
They work according to the standard and the know-how along with your other partners and representatives.
They are well-motivated.

Your offer is adjusted to the market

You know the size of your own sales in terms of time and territory. You make decisions, based on the data. You know the offer and the new products of your competitors. Your price lists are organized. Your goods are well-displayed in stores.

You waste less time and money

Speed up business processes, manage returnable and multi-packaging better. Optimize the routes of salespeople and deliverers.

Personnel costs are reduced

To grow your sales network, you do not have to expand your sales force. Make better use of  distributors’ and retailers’ potential.

You increase the effectiveness and reach of direct sales

Your salespeople work according to a high standards of tasks, goals and bonuses. Stores are more likely to report data to you and place orders. Your product shelf is monitored and kept at a high level.

You scale up your distribution network

You efficiently manage the database of products, distributors and POS. Distributors see the benefits of working with you. You can easily involve distributors within less accessible territories.

Flexibillity above all

The phenomenon of quick implementations

We build business products on the configuration platform that we created to deliver solutions faster and tailor them to specific requirements.

We maintain full compatibility of modules and data consistency with the fast configuration and creation of applications.

We reflect all individual business processes of the customer even in 3 weeks!

The offer you receive includes know-how that will give you an advantage in the market.

The system is developing along with you

We respond immediately to the changes in your business environment.

We share the experience, gathered during over 20 years of activity on the market.

The system allows independent modifications of visit scenarios in just a few seconds.

Our business model also covers handling all your tasks by eLeader teams – as part of free subscription packages.

What do you gain?

  • Swift and seamless implementation – for years we have maintained a punctuality record of 100%.
  • The system that fully reflects the reality of your organization.
  • Immediate adjustment of the configuration without extra costs, budgeting, or delays.

Take advantage of our experience

If you are interested in improving business processes, write to us and we will present a tailor-made proposal to you.

Our specialists will gladly familiarize themselves with your needs and propose perfectly matching system components.