eLeader Shelf Recognition

Since 2013 eLeader Shelf Recognition provides unique information about facing, product availability, share of shelf, planogram compliance, and even more insightful data. All based on pictures and obtained in just a few seconds during the in-store visit.


Opinions about Shelf Recognition

Thanks to eLeader Shelf Recognition, we can manage sales processes much more effectively because we receive high quality data from the field. Work with the application helps us increase the level of key parameters for us: availability of products and the quality of their in-store exposure.

Sebastian Zapała
Regional Operations Manager Sales

Implementation of eLeader Shelf Recognition caused some user resistance in 2014. Today, former skeptics admit that working with the app gives significant benefits in a shelf competition and optimizes visit reporting.

Rafał Prus
Sales Support Manager
GTM Department
Maspex Wadowice

We are seeing the rise of this technology, whereby a salesperson, using a mobile device, can take a picture of a shelf or display and have it translated in to a digital report.

"Image Recognition: The Intersection of Digital Business and Analytics at the Store Shelf", 2015.

Complete information about merchandise display

Shelf number
Availability level
Share of shelf
Out of stock
Length of display
Max. length of display
Display area
Display height
The best shelves display
Product listings (shelf agreement)
Availability on maps

At least 15x shorter in-store exposition audit

Manual audit




(Average time of a multi-SKU shelf audit.)


Photo audit




(Average time needed to take a picture of one part of the shelf)

Reliable data only

Unusual, even 98% precision of the recognition algorithm, achieved fully automatically – without any manual intervention.

Automated picture quality control with opportunity to merge the images even on a mobile device.

Fully-verifiable photo audit location thanks to implemented anti-fraud mechanisms.

Dynamic audit scenarios.

Unified across-the-market research standards.

Resistance to any interference in reporting of sales representatives’ own performance.


Do you know how significantly winning at the shelf positively affects your sales?

- of sensory experiences are provided through vision
- of purchase decisions are made in front of a shelf
- even by this much correct exposition can increase sales

Major benefits


Effective execution of an in-store performance strategy

Data acquired in a fully automatic way may be verified and compared with commercial agreements and negotiated standards.


Multidimensional measurement of market share

Track the dynamics of the changes in the market share thanks to the short time needed to obtain the data. Obtain reliable data from your own sales representatives instead of using the services of a merchandising agency.


Build advantage thanks to huge quantities of data

Unlimited opportunities to adjust the acquired data to your business needs. Immediately check the availability of your newly launched products or during a promotional campaign. At the same time compare your shelf share to your competitors’ and measure the effectiveness of placing your products on the best shelves.


Reliable store quality check

Finish with a subjective, blurred as to the criteria comparison of products on the shelf with the planogram. Planogram compliance can be defined at many levels of analysis and then reduced to a single index that will fairly compare various types of store and market segments.


Bonus systems based on reliable data

Motivate your sales representatives with bonus programs based on the quality of their in-store strategy execution: planogram compliance or share of key products on the shelf.


Control your products not only at the shelf

Check your agreements concerning not only shelf but also coolers, freezers, hangers and other places. Probably it is too expensive to let competitive brands take over your exhibition area.

Compatibility with eLeader SFA / FFM solution

eLeader Shelf Recognition is available as an independent solution working complementary to the existing mobile system or as a system fully integrated with eLeader Mobile Visit.

Within the SFA / FFM solution from eLeader You can implement the execution of any business process connected with the mobile services strategy.

More about eLeader Mobile Visit

Deployed in 80+ countries worldwide


Platform agnostic

eLeader Shelf Recognition, just like eLeader Mobile Visit, is available on any device, regardless of the platform:

  • Android
  • iOS
  • Windows



Live demo

Live demo

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