eLeader Perfect Store&Visit

– goal: effectiveness


With the new eLeader Mobile Visit module:

You will deliver maximum satisfaction to your customers by managing mobile forces by objectives.

You will measure and present the effects of mobile activities, supporting and motivating the representatives to execute sales, marketing, operational and HR strategies of your company in the best possible way.

You will enable beautiful and flexible indicators that show KPIs implementation in real time instead of complicated reports or the time-consuming coaching.


Manage more effectively by objectives

The realization of strategic goals begins with the evaluation of what influences them most. Define specific, clear and unambiguous indicators (KPI – Key Performance Indicator) relating to the execution of the strategy and start to monitor them actively.

Optimize display, increase sales

A store shelf is a place where a sales strategy and consumers’ needs meet. It is shoppers who decide on the success or failure of the policy. Shelf analysis taking into account the assumed KPIs supported by automatic, intelligent product recognition will quickly reveal lacks in compliance with the planogram, verify the assumptions regarding product categories and gather material for analysis. No matter what condition you find the store shelf in, it will be as close to perfection as possible at the end of the visit.

Motivate like a natural born leader

The goal-oriented module eLeader Perfect Store & Visit is a tool which inspires you to effectively motivate mobile employees to increase their effectiveness, while executing the adopted work standards.

The user performance meter is an indicator of the quality of a mobile user’s work. It contains KPIs essential for the realization of the strategy, where each of them carries a specific weight. In a clear and esthetic way, the indicator summarizes the achievements to date and gives an idea of how close to the next level or ideal state the employee is.


Well-configured KPIs for employees open the way for gamification, i.e. the process of achieving goals set in the context of a story. Game mechanics is incorporated into the work, where you go through subsequent levels to achieve the main goal. The aim of gamification is to release additional motivation coming from healthy competition. Work assessment combined with achievements in key areas of business helps the employee identify with the company’s mission and objectives.
POI: eLeader Best-in-Class at gamification

Other areas of optimization:

Perfect Visit

Enables measurement and optimization of KPIs related to visits, including their quality. Sample KPIs: Time of a single visit, average visit time, average time of travel to the point, percentage of visits ended with order, number of products in the order basket, order value, complaint value, return value.

Perfect Month (week, day usw.)

This approach assumes the selection of KPIs to compare to previous similar periods or to the assumed ideal. The main factor here is time, so it’s best to define KPIs that we optimize in a given period. It can be e.g. the number of orders for new products, speed to market, share in the shelf, or the number of visits made.

Perfect Employee

Enables measurement and optimization of KPIs related to the representative’s work quality, e.g. the number of punctual work starts, number of successfully completed tests, number of optional activities carried out, number of notifications/complaints.

Perfect Task

Is an example of a cross-sectional view, useful especially in in-depth analysis and optimization of operations in the field, e.g. through A / B testing. If we want to check what will be the best way to perform a certain activity or task, we attach to this task KPI, e.g. order size or activity time, and compare the results. Thanks to this, we will receive answers to questions about what way of strategy implementation at the task level brings business the greatest benefits.

Instant benefits, long-term growth

Maybe you are already using the Perfect Store strategy, or are you only planning to implement it? With eLeader Perfect Store&Visit you will start improving the work of your field force right away with creating the first KPI. Data filtered to one or more indicators and presented in real time on a mobile device mean saving the time and energy usually consumed for viewing reports.

Field representatives will receive additional navigation and motivation in real time, so the strategy will be implemented consistently at the level of each store. They will be supported by automation (activity sequences with conditional logic) and gamification.

Ideal display principles assigned to tasks or indicators as a document or video will improve the quality of product presentation and, thanks to transparent measurement, they will help to increase sales significantly.

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