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Increased product presence through the implementation of eLeader Perfect Store & Visit at Spomlek

To increase the motivation and efficiency of salespeople in the area of store exposition, our client implemented the eLeader Perfect Store & Visit module. As a result, the quality of work increased, and KPIs related to the visibility of products increased by up to 25%.


Implementation of the SFA/RSE eLeader Mobile Visit system in DANONE (Romanian market)

Basing on the positive experience of using the system in Poland, the managers responsible at DANONE for the Romanian market replaced the systems for field representatives used so far with one complete eLeader Mobile Visit application.


DANONE NUTRICIA WORLDWIDE: Global standardization of field strategies with eLeader Mobile Visit

NUTRICIA WORLDWIDE has introduced uniform working standards for representatives regardless of latitude and longitude. The most important areas of field operations were expressed as KPIs under the Perfect Store strategic vision. It was expected to be able to objectively compare the results achieved by individual representatives, individual stores, but also entire countries, including the global KPI of the entire project.


eLeader Retail Portal - Mobile b2b platform for your clients - download presentation

eLeader Retail Portal is a personalized b2b application, through which customers themselves are actively completing activities in the field that you designate. Download our free presentationa and learn how you and your b2b partners can benefit of direct relations.


eLeader Power Analytics - Real-time company management

How to draw key data from the ocean of data and not drown in the flood of information? The answer is Business Intelligence class systems, thanks to which decision making becomes an ordered process replacing chaotic actions and the method of trial and error.