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Automation of business processes in a distribution network

We know that the process of supplying products to the market via distributors is not the same worldwide. However, when cooperating with a number of global manufacturers in many parts of the world, we have noticed recurring challenges that drain the energy out of business operations and drive sales directors mad.


Mobile SFA/FFM system for agencies

In the conditions of market saturation with outsourcing services, increasing customer demands, employee rotation and a technological race, agencies face a major challenge of selecting tools that would allow for more efficient mapping and optimization of field processes.


Automatic store shelf audit at DANONE Poland

Among the companies that decided to make a quantum leap towards real reporting and obtaining information valuable to the sales force from the market was DANONE, which decided to support human senses with artificial intelligence closed in a mobile application.


Increased product presence through the implementation of eLeader Perfect Store & Visit at Spomlek

To increase the motivation and efficiency of salespeople in the area of store exposition, our client implemented the eLeader Perfect Store & Visit module. As a result, the quality of work increased, and KPIs related to the visibility of products increased by up to 25%.


Implementation of the SFA/RSE eLeader Mobile Visit system in DANONE (Romanian market)

Basing on the positive experience of using the system in Poland, the managers responsible at DANONE for the Romanian market replaced the systems for field representatives used so far with one complete eLeader Mobile Visit application.