eLeader Mobile Visit is an SFA / FFM system that streamlines business processes both in the field and in the offices of an FMCG leader in Eastern and Central Europe, a global corporation manufacturing smartphones and a consumer electronics tycoon, a leader of African micro-banking, merchandising agencies or even farming processes.

This has been made possible since eLeader Mobile Visit is FLEXIBLE. Behind the architecture of the solution there is the assumption that business sets the framework and capabilities of the system, not the other way round. We configure an application to meet specific needs, which are sometimes very typical and sometimes completely new and fresh. eLeader is a synonym for flexibility, so the catalogue of possibilities is always open.



Dashboards and widgets

The ingenious SFA system plus a convenient interface ensure comfortable work and strong focus on the task. This makes everything go better.

Quick access to key business information (e.g. information on sales targets fulfilment, visits, etc.) • Clear visualization of the achieved level of sales plan and other indicators • Flexible configuration of the widget layout in accordance with the required standard • Consistent standardization of data presentation • Variety of statistics to be presented on the widgets.

Calendar of work

The functionality enables the tracking of weekly workflow and freely defined statuses. It contains the necessary information, e.g. the number of activities, visits, surveys, etc. The Calendar of work provides a detailed view of the entire working day and of the activities together with a map report on the location and the route taken.

Flexible tasks and visit scenarios

You have full control over which tasks and in what order have to be executed during a store visit. Assign tasks and set the rules of requirement as well as their visibility depending on user groups, date, store segment, chain, or the perfect store result. Thanks to conditional logic you will launch adequate information flows and link tasks together.

Sales representatives will eliminate useless activities when the results of one task will affect other tasks or start them (e.g. the automatic audit of the product presence fills order with data, the order initiates a promotion, and the promotion launches a customer satisfaction survey).

Automated audit of merchandising standards

Supported by AI.

Alternatively to forms, the system enables the examination of availability, facing, share in the shelf, standards or the monitoring of competitors using shelf image analysis. The level of detail that the SFA system can provide the users with is unprecedented and the visits consume less time. Merchandising operations gain new quality with eLeader Shelf Recognition AI, which employs artificial intelligence for photographic analysis of display and taking corrective actions during a single visit.


Perfect Store&Visit

eLeader Perfect Store & Visit gives you the real power to manage by objectives. The module measures and visualizes the effects of field activities, supporting and motivating representatives to execute your company’s sales, marketing, operational and HR strategies in the best possible way.

The module provides visually attractive, comprehensive and flexible indicators of the completion of any goals (strategic or operational) replacing incomprehensible reports or the time-consuming coaching.

Promotions full of profits

Flexibility in determining the rules of rewarding and discounting. The application provides the sales person with order parameters in order to optimize the distribution of available offers, increase profits and improve customer satisfaction.

Promotion Wizard
Creation of any combination of conditions: in terms of value, quantity, obligation to order goods, logic, other (product, product group).

Mobile catalogue of current and upcoming promotions
The module facilitates planning sales activities, monitoring the contractors eligible for promotions and getting familiar with the parameters of the offers.

Promotion opportunity alerts
Automatic qualification of an order as meeting the conditions of a promotion with information about the percentage of their fulfilment.

Advanced Route Optimization

Refine schedules and visit plans, taking into account, for example, customer properties, geography, or traffic. Thanks to that, you can plan more valuable visits throughout the day, with reduced mileage and more time spent with the customer.

The Module plans route automatically based on data and gives representatives the possibility to optimize daily routes on their mobile devices. The use of Advanced Optimization allows you to: save a minimum of 15% of fuel costs, plan up to 2-3 additional visits a day, spend more time on the proper execution of tasks than on journeys.

Surveys - stunning design and conditional logic

The functionality is applied in researching customer satisfaction and gathering information about the market and current trends. The dazzling visual mode allows for simultaneous research and creation of a positive brand image in the eyes of respondents. In the HR area, it works perfectly as a tool for testing candidates, assessing the level of staff knowledge and diversifying educational tools through quizzes. The dynamic nature of surveys, conditional logic and client’s own scenarios make it easy to adjust surveys to business needs.

Moduł Ankiet eleader Mobile Visit

Files always close at hand

The Files Module provides mobile and contextual access to the latest multimedia resources of the company.

The module makes it possible to assign multimedia content to a specific point, user, product category or task – depending on the needs. The module is designed to manage the rights to files at the level of e.g. user groups.


The functionality provides quick access to the product catalogue, flexibility in selecting price lists, efficient transfer of relevant documents to appropriate distributors. Automatic and manual ordering during visits, allowing for a variety of circumstances and input data, generate higher profits. The functionality provides for automatic addition of products to the order cart depending e.g. on the results of display testing.

Easy Pay - automation of orders with mobile payments

A module designed to improve sales in the field using payment terminals. The component automatically transfers data from payment terminals to the system, ensuring faster and human error-free sales reporting. This is particularly useful in areas such as van selling or direct sales of products by promoters and consultants, but can also be successfully used by distributors.

eLeader Easy Pay


Targets and sales plans

Defining the value of sales plans or targets for different groups of users.

Focus on quantity and value targets.

Current level of target fulfillment with simple estimation in mobile and central reports.

Specifying types of documents to be used for target implementation.

Manager reports

The eLeader Mobile Visit system offers a comprehensive and flexible set of reports that enable aggregation and processing of data from the field at different levels and according to various criteria. The WEB application offers a transparent and customized report panel that provides the most important information for the manager. All the data in the reports are available immediately after the synchronization of the audit data with the server, so that it is possible to quickly verify and correct them.

Cost management

The SFA system from eLeader also helps to optimize and reduce operating costs through transparent accounting and the possibility of analyzing them.

The functions available in the application make it possible to: record the circulation of documents concerning payments and purchases, register costs divided into time periods, group costs to facilitate recording them (e.g. fuel, accommodation), limit the budget, describe the documents that are being entered.

Mobile reports

The most important indicators of the quality of work performed are available on mobile devices. This allows field workers to quickly see their progress and where they need to focus their efforts. The reports can be easily configured and modified through the central application.

Smart text recognition in mobile app (OCR)

Optical Character Recognition is an artificial intelligence-based tool that recognizes handwritten and printed text. It lets us forget about some fatiguing elements of in-store activities.

Text search and recognition (in object lists, ‘to-do tasks and forms).

Filling in fields (there is possibility to automatically fill in a field with text (in case typing manually takes time and generates a risk of mistakes).

Integrations: eLeader Connector

It is an important solution that can not only effectively send order information to distributors, sub-wholesale and warehouse centers, but it also provides a digital bridge that connects the SFA / FFM system and systems for warehouse and order management in order to provide mobile employees with information about the current stock levels, sales reports and the level of completion of individual orders and promotions. The implementation of the solution does not force a change in the existing warehouse systems or electronic exchange platforms.

GDPR support

Full compliance with the GDPR principles is now one of the basic conditions that companies processing personal data must meet. eLeader, as a data processor based on entrustment agreements, ensures full compliance with the requirements of GDPR in the legal, HR and IT areas. Data is protected by appropriate procedures, continuous training of employees and state-of-the-art network security.

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