A comprehensive service of distribution in the field with the support of an SFA / FFM system (Case Study)

Stock Pralim is an FMCG distribution company which supports all distribution channels: wholesale, retail and HoReCa. The leader of the Moroccan distribution market and a pioneer of innovation in terms of the automation of sales processes has implemented eLeader Mobile Visit for their national network.


Stock Pralim desired a technological renewal of their SFA / FFM system, so they sought a solution for the Android platform to support the distribution of products in the field. The previously used hand-held devices were not user-friendly and ultimately too costly. An essential requirement to fulfil was complete integration with the central application (points of sale, products, sales data and activities) and so expanding the control and freight analytics of particular orders. The order workflow, apart from checking inventory balances, is supplemented with budgets management and verification of compliance with special offers. The latter functionality is recognized for the ease of creation, the flow of recalculation and a great capacity to compose the conditions and logic of promotional campaigns. The transition to a cloud-hosted system has relieved the IT team of many laborious tasks. Stock Pralim specialists can therefore focus on tasks other than heroic struggle to keep the system running.

Stock Pralim field representatives, in addition to handling orders, perform other assigned merchandising and CRM activities, creating and maintaining the client database. This is why our managers receive consistent and reliable data about the market.


In Stock Pralim, we set new market trends, implementing innovative solutions which facilitate our everyday work and benefit the company. eLeader Mobile Visit has not only flexibly fitted into our requirements, providing comfort and stability of work, but it has also contributed to a more conscious sales policy, smartly handling special offers and returns. The implementation was an excellent idea.

Aziz Boufars
General Manager
Stock Pralim

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