eLeader Mobile Visit at Goodvalley

A system from eLeader supports sales representatives at Goodvalley, an agricultural company from Pomerania that specializes in production and processing of pork from its own farms. The company operates based on a sustainable model of agriculture.

As Goodvalley has significantly expanded its cooperation with all major retail chains, its key need has become the implementation of a system for efficient planning and reporting of field activities and enforcement of standards.

The implementation of the eLeader Mobile Visit application allowed for the creation and implementation of a structured visit scenario, which ends with a summary in the form of reports available in the central application. Thanks to this, superiors conduct a quick analysis of current activities. The purpose of implementing eLeader Mobile Visit was to enable the collection of basic information from the area, primarily about distribution and testing the presence of products in stores.

A very important step in the development of Goodvalley was the implementation of the eLeader Mobile Visit solution, which was aimed at achieving an even higher level of customer service and automation of sales processes. This enabled the acceleration of processing orders, obtaining information from the market and increasing care for the display of products in the store.

Sales Manager

The system supports sales managers in planning and implementing tasks, sales analysis, communication, as well as in setting goals, motivating and supporting sales representatives in their daily work with customers. People carrying out activities planned by sales managers gain appropriate knowledge, skills and motivation, e.g. thanks to access to practical materials that present standards in an attractive way and suggest specific actions.

Goodvalley is an agricultural and processing company with Scandinavian roots, specializing in pork production in a proprietary, certified system without the use of antibiotics. In addition, the company is distinguished by the fact that it does not use preservatives in its products and the product packaging comes from recycling. The entire production process is sustainable and carried out in accordance with the production principles “from farm to fork”. The company pays special attention to issues related to climate protection. As the only known meat company in the world, it has a certified zero carbon footprint.

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