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Recent events have placed almost all management boards and crisis staffs in manufacturing companies by the most urgent task of adapting almost entirety of business processes. These treatments were a defensive reaction to the serious threats to employees’ health and restrictions of behavior introduced by the government. Now, however, once we know where we stand, it’s time for a counterattack.

It’s time to change roles

Distributors have limited options, but above all stores want to have shelves full of a wide selection of goods that reach them on time. Therefore, you should be able to actively grant them a possibility to place orders for products. In this day and age, there is a requirement for mobility because it is not known when and where it will be possible to sit down and analyze the needs in peace. eLeader Retail Portal is a B2B application which without any training and fully remotely will allow contractors to play the role of sales representatives.

A B2B Application for difficult time

Meet the personalized eLeader Retail Portal application, through which your contractors will be able carry out field activities such as:

  • • placing orders, service orders or complaints 24/7,
  • effective communication with distributors through notifications and messages,
  • • effective marketing and use of loyalty programs,
  • • obtaining current information from the market (e.g. extensive surveys, form tasks, photos for AI analysis)
  • • view and analyze reports. order histories, case statuses, sharing studies and category management recommendations.

This is a tool of first necessity in supplier – Point Of Sale (POS) contacts. It is guided by the “straight to the point” idea. This goal is to make better use of existing resources and contacts, i.e. optimization of marketing and communication strategies.

When the wind blows, put your sails up!

Crisis is often the time when real revolutions take place in medicine, politics, technology and management. The proposed solution sets up a new platform between stores and suppliers. Awareness that you are close to customers when your salespeople are elsewhere is not just a solution for a time of crisis, but a whole new way to cultivate relationships.

The most needed features of online and offline sales are housed in one mobile application, thanks to which customer base maintenance will be systematic and automated. In parallel with planning of your visits, you will plan to inject information directly into the contractors smartphones which will help your salespeople collect orders and initiate other types of matters – at a convenient time – 24/7. Implementing promotions and reaching stores with special products will significantly speed up as well.

By gaining full attention and commitment of decision makers, you gain the opportunity to present them with the precise information.  If the store understands its interest in perfect exposure and proper stocking, it will provide you with important information about the market, shelf status, competition and Perfect Store – your standards will become important for them to.

Give your customers a real value

If in difficult times you will help your Customers to deliver the right goods at well-matched prices, their order basket will be filled with your products. Give them the convenience of ordering, completing surveys, analyzing promotional offers, and even making complaints at a convenient time, and let them make the most of their time. By the way, you will bring so much needed peace to their work, allowing you to track the status of orders and other matters online. They will feel appriciated if they are the first to know about promotional campaigns and be able to prepare a shelf for new products, displays and promoted items. Make each one a winner by introducing loyalty programs in which there are no losers and the fight is fought only for the size of the prize.

If you want to deepen relations with contractors using advanced strategy elements, with eLeader Retail portal you can also provide users with exclusive content, prioritize matters initiated by the portal, grant a special discount for orders placed through the portal, enter dedicated actions only for users of the system.

Task delegation of sales representatives in a simple and understandable way is not a temporary solution for times of crisis, but the next stage of the digital revolution, whose second name is Optimization. If we manage to create a habit of self-service among the recipients of our services in certain areas, it will have a positive impact on supply chains and the entire trade marketing strategy. Reducing waste is a beautiful idea and we just have a chance to get close to it a few steps.

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