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We would like to present a new module designed to improve sales in the field using payment terminals. It encourages manufacturers and distributors to take advantage of mobile payments, as well as improves the efficiency and reliability of payment processing for those who already use them, both in the b2b and b2c areas.

Accepting payments on delivery is not a particularly common method of order settlement. Recipients have a natural tendency to postpone payments, and the eventual shape of the order may change after verification in warehouses. Finally, payment means that the salesman has to keep provisional accounts in parallel to the company’s official transaction system (ERP, accounting software, payment operators, etc.). Even if a salesperson uses terminal payments, they still have to report their sales and returns manually in SFA-class applications.

eLeader Easy Pay
eLeader Mobile Visit iOS app with Easy Pay module

The time that should be spent on concentrating efforts on finding customers and engaging in the process of acquiring them is largely devoted to mechanical transcription of strings of characters. This extends working time and causes mistakes, which subsequently need to be corrected – again manually – in the office by painstaking controlling and merging payments.

Processes conducted in this manner reduce the reliability of important sales information and delay the final assessment of employee effectiveness. In street and festival conditions, or during mass sports events, lowering motivation and increasing frustration caused by excessive manual operations may affect the outcome of many sales processes. And since uncertainty in business is already very high, why add to it?

The situation can be aided by the Easy Pay component, which automatically transfers data from payment terminals to the system, ensuring faster and human error-free sales reporting. This is particularly useful in areas such as van selling or direct sales of products by promoters and consultants, but can also be successfully used by distributors.

A transaction is initiated in the mobile application that connects to the payment terminal. All data necessary for the transaction (amount, confirmation number, ID, status) automatically flows into the system and then, combined with e.g. customer information, is transferred to relevant reports. The order from the field is connected with the payment at a far earlier stage than in the ERP system, thus allowing much faster execution of orders – this is how you win in sales.

No need for manual data rewriting owing to automation instils confidence in the field staff, so they can more effectively focus on customer service and sales. The possibility of updating sales related KPIs automatically provides better insight into your own effectiveness and increases the potential to manage mobile forces through goals. Fewer mistakes means more efficient back office operations and faster order processing.

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