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When talking about the perfect store strategy in sales, we often mention management by objectives, including our assumptions in KPIs, monitoring, optimization and evaluation of results.

As it turns out, however, while standing face to face with the Big Goal Theory, we feel as if we were standing on the shore of an ocean that we are about to swim across. The other shore seems distant, reaching beyond the horizons of our perception, a cold wind blows from the sea, and the sky is shrouded in black clouds. We would like to estimate our strength and chances of success, but it is impossible because we do not know where our goal is. Nevertheless, let’s jump into deep water just for a while to discover that by introducing management by objectives, the infinite ocean will turn into an Olympic swimming pool, where in a moment we will be breaking our life records.


Let’s put aside sales, distribution, merchandising, visit parameters, or business process flows for a moment. Imagine… we want to lose weight (who wouldn’t!?). Our goal is a perfect body weight, and its components are the right balance of muscle, fat, water and bones in our body.

Most will think right away: Hmmm, there must be an app for that! If you have ever dealt with applications such as Google Fit, Mi Fit or Samsung Health, you will certainly know that the common element of such solutions is to set a goal that we will pursue, which can be expressed, for example, in the desired weight, duration of weekly activity or the number of calories burnt. Setting a goal in an application is the key action and decision what we want to achieve.

Knowing that in order to succeed in fighting excess weight, it is necessary to strike the right balance between calorie intake and calorie burn, we are able to identify indicators crucial for the success of our project. So, it is our daily meals and exercise that come to the top – we can say they are our KPIs. These are the activities we will be recording in the system. And it will be up to us what kind of training model and frequency to choose, and diet likewise. Maybe sometimes we will have to seek experts’ knowledge, though in most cases common sense should suffice.

The description above is no more than managing your weight (and implicitly your figure and health) by objectives. Now, think of your organization. Just as proper weight is without doubt necessary for good health, so a business objective (e.g. sales volume, display standard, though not necessarily) is a measure of commercial success.

Of course, whether it is about achieving the ideal weight, ideal perfect store or ideal perfect visit indicators, we will soon start to notice the nuances of both the measurements (for example, we weigh more in the evening than in the morning, we sell more fruit drinks in summer than in winter, different dietary factors influence the weight of particular body components in different ways) and the circumstances that make us calibrate our indicators (for instance, if we work night shifts, our metabolism has different dynamics, if we have problems with our knees, we will not use our bike, if we increase the amount of training, the demand for carbohydrates increases too, if we increase the productivity of employees, we should think of an additional incentive system, and if we promote new products, we must lower the standards of visit times so that representatives can talk about them longer, etc…)

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People with remarkable achievements in life often say that success begins in the head. They also say – just as often – that you will not improve what you cannot measure. So we encourage you to reflect on the key factors that affect your business. If your goal is S.M.A.R.T. enough, you will soon discover that it is only through systematic monitoring of progress that you will accomplish more than you could have expected. Equipped with tools that ensure perfect timing of the delivery and an engaging visualization of information, not only will you close the gap between the sales strategy and its implementation in the field, but you will also cure the entire organization of a few misconceptions about itself and a number of redundant business processes. We guarantee that you will also feel much fitter in your role.

Remember, your goal should be SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, adequate and time-specific)!

PS If you have just thought: Hmmm, there must be an app for that… then you have hit the bull’s-eye! eLeader Perfect Store & Visit with its transparent User Performance Meter will provide your representatives with the right information at the right place and time. With clear goals and progress tracking, it will be possible to enhance all activities and get closer to perfection.

User Performance Meter of the eLeader Perfect Store & Visit module – the main indicator of field representative’s quality of work. What we want to measure with it and how we want to do it is limited only by your creativity.


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