POI report: analytics above sales, artificial intelligence and twice Best-in-Class for eLeader

The latest report from Promotion Optimization Institute (POI), addressed to companies seeking solutions that improve sales processes, provides an analysis of the retail market and presents the results of research into technological trends in sales. The document reviews global providers of Retail Store Execution (RSE), SFA and FFM solutions. POI analysts distinguished eLeader in categories related to the user experience of applications and to gamification.

One of the key points in the latest “POI 2019 Vendor Panorama for Retail Execution and Monitoring in Consumer Goods” is the identification of a trend relating to the analytical side of point-of-sale activities. It is worth noting that more and more often it is not the orders themselves that are the essence of the activities of field representatives, but the acquisition of data that enables understanding of what is really happening on the market (sales trends, product life, competitors’ activity, seasonality etc). A visit therefore consists of more and more shelf analyses, surveys and activities standardizing the display. On the other hand, thanks to the use of artificial intelligence in the form of powerful deep learning, the visits are planned with greater precision, and the tools the representatives utilize support taking decisions and “suggest” information that is relevant to the success of the visit.

eLeader has the resources and service mindset that can deliver a client’s needs.

POI: 2019 Vendor Panorama for Retail Execution and Monitoring in Consumer Goods

Among the key criteria that deserve special mention in the report are the issues of user experience (UX), i.e. caring for the best possible impressions arising from the use of a specific solution. eLeader Mobile Visit received the Best-in-Class award for the quality of the central application, which is used by managers and administrators to manage field force operations. Noteworthy here is the fact that the eLeader has already received a distinction for the mobile application interface in the previous years.

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Another distinction was granted to eLeader for the motivation and effectiveness aspects of the mobile system, in the area generally referred to as gamification. POI analysts recognized eLeader Mobile Visit for its capability to create positive competition between representatives (e.g. by means of rankings or implementing Perfect Store), which increases the effectiveness of operations and has a positive influence on the sales volume.

At eLeader, we strive to ensure that our solutions are comprehensive and flexible. We analyze our clients’ needs and combine them with our own vision of the development of a product which has presumably entered the era of artificial intelligence. We can therefore offer extremely useful solutions for display analysis (based on Deep Learning), category management, optimization, planning, business intelligence analysis or independent creation of business applications. The Best-in-Class distinctions from the Promotion Optimization Institute in the categories we have focused on recently testify to the quality we provide our clients with.

Łukasz Synal
Head of Workforce Solutions

The attention of the author of the report was also drawn to another solution from eLeader – Productive24, and specifically the functionality of this platform in handling processes that accompany the implementation of the sales strategy (read about it). The report is available at the following LINK.

We encourage you to exchange views on sales-related issues with POI analysts. The upcoming events will provide an excellent opportunity for this:

• POI European Summit, Successfully Navigating Growth in the New CPG and Retail World
Rotterdam, NL, May 14-16. 2019
• POI Canadian Summit, Driving Profitable Growth North,  Toronto, June 12-13, 2019
• POI Retail Execution Summit, Gaining Competitive Advantage with Exceptional Retail Execution, September 25-27 2019, in Morristown, NJ.
• POI Fall Annual Summit, Collaborative Marketing Driven by Data Analytics, November 6-8 2019, in Dallas.

About the Promotion Optimization Institute

POI brings together manufacturers, retailers, solution providers, analysts, academics, and other industry leaders with the specific objective of collaboratively improving the promotion and distribution of consumer goods. Members of POI share cross-functional best practices in both structured and informal settings. Additionally, members benefit through our industry alliances, the Certified Collaborative Marketer (CCM)™ program, and industry-leading summits around the globe. POI aims to instill a financial and metrics based discipline not typically found with other trade groups. The goal of our innovative approach is collaborative promotion optimization. The focus is on the customer/shopper through sales, marketing, and merchandising strategies. Executive advisory boards keep us apprised of industry needs and help us provide desired outcomes for members, sponsors, and academia.

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