Anker implements eLeader Mobile Visit

eLeader Implementation In Anker

Anker Innovations is a manufacturer of high-quality electronic devices and a leading brand in the field of charging accessories. The company is also known for their audio equipment (Soundcore). Anker was seeking a way to organize the data flowing from promoters who work in modern channel stores.

Promoters are a group of advisors that help consumers select products that will meet their needs, and at the same time contribute to increasing the sales of goods. When visiting stores, promoters also perform additional activities related to e.g. monitoring competition and controlling stock levels. They work according to specified sales targets but are employed by an outsourcing agency.

Given the dynamic situation in stores, the inconsistent flow of data on the effectiveness of field operations was a significant challenge. This hindered Anker managers’ ability to properly analyze the performance of the promoters and consequently posed a threat to the efficiency of management – routing people to appropriate facilities, selecting products for promotional activities, and responding promptly to the actions of the competitors.

In order to facilitate work in the above areas, the managers in charge of Anker’s promotional activities in the MEA region decided to implement eLeader Mobile Visit, an SFA / FFM system that reports – on promoters’ mobile devices – data on sales effectiveness, competitive analyses and additional administrative activities (e.g. absences). This way Anker specialists who use the central eLeader Mobile Visit application receive information organized into reports from the entire operational area. Promoters obtain feedback through mobile reports, which keeps them informed about their sales target achievement.

Working as a promoter in a store means being constantly on the move and in direct contact with customers. In order for an employee to be able to supply us with valuable information from the field and at the same time stay focused on their work, they have to be equipped with a tool that will spare them the effort of manually performing administrative activities and taking notes. Also, it will help them keep track of progress while further stimulating target achievement. eLeader Mobile Visit has provided us with a platform to exchange information between the market and the office and enabled swift distribution of tasks. As a result, our daily work has become easier.

Uzair Latif
Retail Manager – MEA

With the implementation of eLeader Mobile Visit, Anker employees responsible for executing the in-store sales strategy gained a better insight into the market, both in terms of consumer preferences and actions of the competitors. The data collected from the field has since been used to improve customer service, tailor the offer to the current market situation and strengthen the achievement of the promoters’ sales targets.

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