eLeader Mobile Visit deployment at Lenovo MBG APAC (Case Study)

Companies adopting global solutions that automate work have to rise to challenges that are uncommon in culturally or linguistically homogeneous markets. Many systems do not cope with attempts at using universal solutions, e.g. for Malaysia, RSA and Ukraine. Too general a level of procedures as well as the users’ resistance lead to poorer execution of sales strategies in the field, hence it is only a step from worse financial figures.

Lenovo Mobile Business Group APAC, operating on APAC, EMEA and OGCC markets of consumer electronics, entrusted eLeader with the task of delivering a system that would increase sales effectiveness, improve work quality and efficiency of field force and eliminate problems related to activity in diversified markets.

In the most recent case study, we present the international Lenovo MBG APAC project, as part of which the SFA / FFM / RSE eLeader Mobile Visit solution enables mobile teams (over 5,000 people) to report annually more than 10 million instances of activity in different parts of the globe.

eLeader provides global solutions with a local approach. We operate on different continents, so we needed a solution that could provide the opportunity to combine Lenovo’s global approach with individual needs of every market. Thanks to eLeader our business can continue to grow.

Mao Bailin
Director, Channel & Retail Development
Lenovo MBG APAC Smartphone

Case Study Addresses the following questions:

  • What is the business value of SFA and RSE class systems for workers performing in-store processes?
  • Is it possible to reconcile the business needs of local branches with the need for standardization at the head office level?
  • How significant is user experience in overcoming user resistance during implementation of global solutions?
  • Is it possible to perform a global deployment without disturbing business processes?
  • How to manage highly diversified teams and processes using only one SFA/RSE system?
  • Is it possible for the client’s 3-man team to deploy a global system in cooperation with eLeader?


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