eLeader Mobile Visit: an SFA system for Android, iOS and Windows

The business reality where product sales are based on Excel sheets, salespeople’s personal charm and many years of building a knowledgebase of the area of operation is quickly becoming a thing of the past.

Unreliable and time-consuming “analog” or “manual” ways of collecting orders and executing sales display strategies in the field are being replaced with digital products based on mobility, automation and machine learning. Repeatability of activities, staff turnover and changing business circumstances necessitate  investments in systems that make it possible to keep the know-how and pass on the invaluable experience gained from it. This leads to intensifying competition on a market where a tolerable error margin has decreased considerable:

According to Gartner’s report: Sales activity is shifting from a more relationship-based process to one driven by cross-organizational transparency, fact-based recommendations and real-time decision making.

Source: Market Guide for Retail Execution and Monitoring Solutions for the Consumer Goods Industry, Gartner 201

eLeader Mobile Visit is an internationally acclaimed Sales Force Automation (SFA), Field Force Management (FFM) and Retail Store Execution (RSE) – class system, i.e. a tool supporting the management and control of field sales forces, merchandisers and customer advisors. It is a solution capable of processing large amounts of data very quickly and, most importantly, one that learns products, maps, clients, prices, planograms – in order to continuously improve the way sales are conducted.

eLeader Mobile Visit offers functionalities available in the systems of the following classes of mobile software:

  1. Sales Force Automation (SFA).
  2. Field Force Management (SFM).
  3. Field Force Automation (FFA).
  4. Customer Relationship Management (CRM).
  5. Business Process Management (BPM).
  6. Retail Store Execution (RSE).


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There are several distinguishing characteristics of eLeader Mobile Visit among the offer of the SFA / FFM / RSE – class systems on the market:

  1. Flexibility of the solution (functional and process-related).
  2. Swift implementations (even 3 weeks, with 100%-success rate).
  3. Automated category management and shelf optimization (eLeader mCatMan).
  4. Automated examination of the display of goods in the shop by means of photos, based on artificial intelligence (eLeader Shelf Recognition AI).
  5. Automated route planning taking into account their cost-effectiveness (eLeader Map Module).
  6. Voice ordering with special offers for clients.
  7. Framework and workflow for building any processes that accompany merchandising and sales.

eLeader Mobile Visit has been created by eLeader, a Polish technological company which has been around for almost two decades. The firm is a pioneer of mobile solutions utilized by such international concerns as Tchibo, BSH, Danone, Lindt, BIC, LG, Lenovo, Samsung, banks and other well-known brands – in over 80 countries worldwide.

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