Panasonic chooses SFA / RSE eLeader system to increase merchandising efficiency in a modern channel

Panasonic, a manufacturer of a wide range of electronic equipment – from household appliances to hi-fi and video to small consumer electronics – was looking for a solution that would help maintain the highest standards of sales in retail chains. For representatives involved in merchandising and auditing processes, Panasonic has chosen the SFA / RSE eLeader Mobile Visit system.

Panasonic set forth a requirement that the visit scenarios of Panasonic merchandisers modelled in the system include all activities that need to be carried out in points of sale segmented according to the client’s criteria. Therefore, apart from such tasks as testing the availability of products (e.g. against the listing specific for a given segment) or testing the compliance with the standard, processes of controlling POSM (marketing) materials – both those related to products, like wobblers, and workstation equipment elements (e.g. furniture, island displays, stands) – had to be configured.

eLeader Mobile Visit simplifies merchandising and controlling processes in stores and improves the communication between merchandisers and headquarters. The arrangement of our processes into a transparent and efficient application releases employees from many uncomfortable activities related to data collection, while Key Account Managers are able to monitor and respond quickly to the execution of central arrangements with merchants – from listings to promotional campaigns. At the strategic level, it allows optimization of the so-called “routing”, as well as tasks and time of visits to different types of stores. All the applications mentioned above allow for cost optimization and contribute to sales growth.

Marcin Ostachowski
Business Director Baltics Bulgaria Poland Romania
Panasonic Marketing Europe GmbH

Information on the fulfilment of objectives set for representatives is provided in the form of mobile reports, generated within the system. For the managerial staff, information on the efficiency of merchandisers (e.g. completion vs. target) is available as an element of the reporting system in the WEB application, which is used to manage the whole system.

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In order to increase the comfort of using the application, its interface has been integrated with the Panasonic visual identification system – thanks to wallpaper and login screen branding, employees find the application more friendly and related to the brand they are working for. The mobile application also supports certain HR processes, such as absences (sick leaves, vacations).

In the course of their tasks, Panasonic mobile employees use images as documentation of their activities performed on their own and their competitors’ products as well as POSM materials. The same functionality is used by auditors who inspect the quality of work and tidiness of merchandisers’ workstations.

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