eLeader Mobile Visit and Obsessive – a hidden value underneath

Amocarat S.A. – the owner of the sexy lingerie brand Obsessive electrifies its customers with eye-catching product advertising campaigns. These are conducted with tact and taste. Focusing on what goes unnoticed at first glance can be seen in the company’s trade offer and the – indiscernible for the customers – business backstage (or rather dressing room), that is in the perfect organization of business processes by means of an SFA system.

The brand Obsessive is present worldwide, however, the main area of its field force’s activity is Poland. Their work and duties have been scheduled with a view to optimizing the costs and time of reaching retailers and obtaining key data during the visits.

eLeader Map Module, as part of the application, is employed here in order to support planning visits. During a representative’s working day the module is also able to instantaneously extend the schedule by adding new points of visit nearby. The tool ensures that deviations from the pre-defined routes are not too significant. The Map Module provides statistics based on GPS data or car mileage figures, contributes to the creation of most helpful reports, which make use of e.g. a map overlay or charts.

eLeader has risen to the challenge by offering a system which matches our culture of work and enables collection of data useful not only for the execution of our sales strategy. The information from the market that flows into the system swiftly and regularly helps us create our offer consciously and tailor it to consumers’ preferences.

Kamil Dudziak
National Sales Manager
Amocarat SA

The examples shown above are only a part of all operations supported by the eLeader Mobile Visit SFA system. Thanks to mirroring business processes in the application which handles both common and less obvious activities, the everyday work of representatives has become more harmonious. This is why Amocarat can more effectively concentrate on providing satisfaction to its customers and establishing a good relationship with business partners.


eLeader Mobile Visit is a system of mobile sales, which smartly reflects the operations of field employees and optimizes the fulfilment of marketing strategies. The flexibility of the solution makes it possible both to effectively implement standard functionalities in companies and to configure unique, non-typical business processes.

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