Turkey: BRITA’s transfer to eLeader

The Turkish branch of BRITA, a world-renowned and widely acclaimed manufacturer of water filters, has changed its SFA / FFM system for eLeader Mobile Visit.

BRITA products are both functional and stylish. Marketing them to potential clients cannot take place without effective merchandising and promotion, an important element of which is live presentations of BRITA products. Such actions often elude analytics owing to their soft character which makes measurement difficult. In cooperation with the client, however, we were able to find measurable aspects of BRITA field representatives’ everyday duties. Measurement of these elements provides the management with high quality data. This can be used in decision-making related to promotion strategy and work optimization.

Thanks to measuring such parameters as the employee’s distance to the shop and automatic GPS data download at the start of work, the management have information on the conscientiousness of their field force. A whole range of properly prepared and configured questionnaires, forms and photographic reports not only make it possible to operate on big numbers during verification of standards, but also give a real picture of what is happening in the field.

An important aspect of the solution which enables BRITA representatives to concentrate mainly on customer service is including information on stocking, prices and inventory in the same application on one mobile device. Another important functionality is the reporting on exposition stall parameters. The ease and swiftness of this solution, successfully adjusted to the Turkish market requirements, give the company a real competitive advantage.

A major asset of eLeader Mobile Visit is the comfort and fast pace of implementation of new functionalities which are currently needed. Owing to the smartly designed structure and flexibility of the application, we can collect more data from the field and make better use of it to make our business grow.

Mehmet Başeğmez
Marketing Director
BRITA Turkey

Finally, the data collected by the application is also used to evaluate BRITA personnel’s KPI. A major advantage of such a solution is saving time and the coherence of collecting data that can be used for evaluation and development of BRITA employees.

About the project:
Product: eLeader Mobile Visit
Scope of the project: Turkey
License: SaaS
Users: promoters, merchandisers, managers
Platforms: Android, iOS

About the solution:
eLeader Mobile Visit
is a mobile sales system which smartly reflects field employees’ activity and optimizes the execution of marketing strategies. The flexibility of this solution enables both effective implementation of standard functionalities and configuration of unique, non-standard business processes.

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