Forte: more effective marketing with eLeader Mobile Visit

The furniture industry can derive substantial benefits from adapting SFA / FFM solutions to manage displays in the scattered around the country distribution network, especially if it combines traditional data collection with visual reporting.

Great care of product display and control of stock levels, which is supposed to directly influence customers, represent a special challenge for the furniture industry. Along with the trend where it is not the price but the finishing and design of furniture that set the criterion for shopping decisions, a great emphasis is placed on the quality of display. Properly handled and verified marketing, oriented at impressing customers with products, is of particular importance to manufacturers, who entrust most of their distribution to external points of sale with a varied product display practice and habits related thereto.

The company Fabryki Mebli [furniture manufacturer] “Forte” S.A. resolved that eLeader Mobile Visit would provide the best execution of the display and visual strategy in the field. The configuration of the application turned out to be the main asset of the solution, which made it possible to combine reporting by means of forms with visual reporting (based on photos taken in showrooms). This helps to manage displayed goods in a way that gives a convincing sample of the potential of Forte products.

Sales representatives, by means of tablets, can order products for showrooms, control their visual state, complete promotional materials, as well as provide up-to-date reporting on the competitors’ offers. Appropriately chosen parameters (e.g. the number of blocks, display time, type of furniture program) help managers reconcile the requirements of marketing and logistics, hence they help to plan the implementation of global changes and facilitate adaptation of the offer.


Product: eLeader Mobile Visit
License type: SaaS
Types of users: sales representatives, regional sales managers, administrators
Platform: iOS
Devices: iPad Air 2

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eLeader Mobile Visit is a system of mobile sales, which smartly reflects the operations of field employees and optimizes the fulfilment of marketing strategies. The flexibility of the solution makes it possible both to effectively implement standard functionalities in companies and to configure unique, non-typical business processes.

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