Lewiatan expands cooperation with eLeader

Lewiatan Mazowsze Sp z o. o., a member of the Polish Sales Network Lewiatan is another regional company which resolved to employ the eLeader Mobile Visit system to oversee the maintenance of standards in its stores. The company sought to improve the performance of central and regional contracts entered into by Lewiatan and the major companies of the FMCG sector.

The maintenance of merchandising standards in our stores requires, in the first place, reliable and quickly obtained data from the field. Carrying out audits with the support of eLeader Mobile Visit has accelerated response and corrections in particular points of sale. As a result, this benefits our relationship with manufacturers and distributors, at the same time improving the Network’s image in the eyes of consumers.

Krzysztof Żyła
Director for Network Expansion and Development
Member of the Board, Lewiatan Mazowsze

Contracts with key manufacturers and suppliers of fast-moving consumer goods stipulate, among other things, product shelf display in stores, indexing requirements and other elements of merchandising. Such a solution, although legitimate from the business viewpoint, with hundreds of stores scattered around the region carries the risk of failure to comply with the standards. This is why adequate performance of contracts calls for regular audits in particular stores to ensure that agreements on facing, shelf share and other parameters are duly performed. In short, the Network head office must check regularly if the contracted goods are in appropriate quantity and properly displayed on shelves in every store. For this reason, Lewiatan delegates its representatives to work in the field. They perform audits using the mobile application SFA eLeader Mobile Visit with all the necessary forms for the measurement of contract completion levels and other functionalities providing data on a representative’s work in the field.

One benefit arising from the implementation of a service designed in this way is the opportunity to quickly correct  deviations from the agreed assumptions. Data from the field flows into the system almost immediately after an audit is performed. Therefore, persons responsible for the execution of contracts on the central level can instantly schedule additional visits e.g. to discuss recommendations concerning the contractually obligatory product display in a specific store with its owner. Matters of importance and issues that require special attention during future audits can be assigned to particular items as notes from the visits.

The implementation in question fits into Lewiatan’s mission to provide its franchisees with adequate support and marketing standards which make them effectively competitive on the market. One of the major conditions of success in this line of business is taking care of key manufacturers and distributors, whose products generate considerable turnover and are displayed in stores subject to conditions negotiated on the central level.

The system was deployed on the Android mobile platform; the representatives use Samsung and Huawei devices.

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eLeader Mobile Visit is a system of mobile sales, which smartly reflects the operations of field employees and optimizes the fulfilment of marketing strategies. The flexibility of the solution makes it possible both to effectively implement standard functionalities in companies and to configure unique, non-typical business processes.

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