Teekanne field force are working effectively with a system from eLeader

For over 130 years Teekanne has been introducing  significant technological innovations onto global tea markets. Now, the Polish branch of the concern is working with SFA eLeader Mobile Visit.

eLeader provided us with a system and support that we exactly needed. The deployment was swift and did not cause any disturbances.

Artur Ryczkowski
Sales Director
TEEKANNE-Poland Sp. z o.o.

It is to Teekanne that we owe tea blends, which make the taste of tea even more predictable, or the double chamber tea bags, which make it possible to extract the maximum aroma from the drink.  The strength of tradition and the orientation towards development inspire Teekanne to constantly seek technological solutions that enable the company to strengthen its position on the international market.

The Polish branch of Teekanne, guided by the values adopted by the concern,  has decided to equip their sales representatives and managers with the Sales Force Automation system from eLeader, i.e. eLeader Mobile Visit. Effective work of field teams requires maximum automation of such processes as completing orders, examination of merchandising standards and distribution of products, which eliminates errors, increases the flow and  speed of obtaining information. Thanks to eLeader Mobile Visit field employees can conduct more visits in a time unit and concentrate more on building the relationship with clients.

Being part of a corporation present in many countries necessitates delivering reliable data on the market and completion stage of business objectives to the head office. The information gathered in the system is verified and due to its high quality can constitute a solid foundation for building the company’s sales strategy.

The implementation of eLeader Mobile Visit took only three weeks and it did not disrupt any of the business processes taking place in Teekanne Poland.

Line of business: tea industry
Scope of implementation: Poland
Users: sales representatives, managers
Platform: Android
Devices: Samsung Galaxy J5

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