Espresso mobility in Tchibo Coffee Service Poland

Tchibo Coffee Service Poland was looking for a mobile solution which would improve the management of Sales Force, Logisitcs and Technical Support.

Tchibo Coffee Service is one of the leading suppliers of coffee for catering to offices and HoReCa. In order to guarantee a complex customer service – from provision of appliances and servicing the equipment to supplying coffee, additional assortment and accessories – the company boasts a team of qualified field force: Sales Specialists, Service Technicians and Suppliers.

eLeader Mobile Visit has proved to be a solution that allows for very thorough Sales Force management. The sales process – whose particular stages completed both by the office and Sales Specialists are recorded in the application – is a good example here. eLeader Mobile Visit software is so flexible that it enables real-time data exchange with another application. All of this makes it possible to gather information at every stage of the complex process of acquiring new customers. As a result, formulating conclusions and making more accurate business decisions become easier.

The application from eLeader has made it possible not only to digitize documentation circulating within the company but also, or rather in the first place, allow a smooth exchange of information (including e.g. data concerning customer-related activities between the field and the office).

eLeader Mobile Visit enhances the work of our field force, enabling us to manage the quality of this work.

Dorota Kamaszyn
Analytics, Administration & Projects Management Manager
Tchibo Coffee Service Poland

Coffee machines constitute a vital part of the Tchibo Coffee Service offer, which is why the mobile application functionality has been designed to meet such specific requirements as deployment and removal of appliances, periodic inventory, scanning QR codes from labels stuck on machines.

The company provides a full service of its appliances, hence the work of Technical Support is managed using the eLeader application. Tickets from clients or Sales Specialists are registered by the Service Coordinator and subsequently dealt with by Service Technicians as activities reported during service visits (inspections, failures, descaling, but also installation and removal of machines). Thanks to the implementation of the application from eLeader, Technical Support receives crucial information on the number and type of tickets, response times and other important indicators.

Suppliers also play an important role in the service as, during visits, they regularly meet clients. Owing to the specific nature of their work, Suppliers have a special module implemented in the application for settling invoices and the cash collected from the clients, which has streamlined information flow.

The substantial benefits of implementing the application in Poland contributed to the decision to employ the solution in other Tchibo Coffee Service companies in Europe.

Industry: HoReCa and office – coffee for catering
Scope of activity: international, including Poland
Users: Sales Specialists, Service Technicians, Suppliers, Managers and Administrators
Platform: Android, Windows
Devices: tablets, smartphones, laptops

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