eLeader Mobile Visit automates the work of sales animators at Ingelec (Morocco)

Ingelec is a Moroccan company, which dynamically operates in the household appliances industry. Since its inception, it has been constantly involved in the development of products that meet international standards and the needs of the most demanding customers. Due to the dynamic development of the company and the growing market requirements, Ingelec was looking for a new mobile system that would support the management of sales and merchandising processes, as well as assist animators, working at the points-of-sale.

In order to meet the above-mentioned customer needs, we proposed the implementation of eLeader Mobile Visit, a Sales Force Automation (SFA) class solution, which corresponded to all of the requirements at the highest level. This way, field representatives were equipped with a convenient mobile application, while the management staff could benefit from an efficient work management system, perfectly integrated with the Ingelec IT ecosystem.

Our goal was also to implement a solution with great possibilities of integration with the ERP system in order to improve the flow of key data. All works were completed on time, with attention to detail and flexibility in the process of searching for the most optimal solutions

says M. Mohamed BOUDALI Directeur des Systémes d’Information de la société Ingelec.

eLeader Mobile Visit supports activities not only in the area of animation or sales and marketing strategy management, but also integrates all the information collected in the field with the ERP system. In addition to this, dedicated document workflows for the above-mentioned processes were planned and implemented, along with the tasks for reporting and tracking the level of their realization. Ingelec also automated such processes as submitting complaints, requesting POS materials, scheduling product trainings and planning exhibitions.

We chose eLeader also because of the know-how, gained during many years of presence and implementations in Morocco –  says Mr Yassine Boubakri, Sales Force Manager at Ingelec.

The deployment was carried out with the participation of the eLeader partner, who, thanks to the accurate identification of business requirements, provided support in service consulting, implementation and maintenance.

Thanks to the implementation, the Ingelec management team has now full control over the tasks of mobile forces as well as access to all the information about activities, performed by their salespeople and animators in real time. As a result, decision-makers can flexibly change their sales strategy in accordance with the current market situation.  

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