eLeader Shelf Recognition AI winner of Best in Cloud

eLeader Shelf Recognition AI – a solution for automatic analysis of products, merchandising standards and prices, received an award in the Computerworld Best in Cloud 2020 competition in the category “Cloud solutions of artificial intelligence and machine learning”.

The jury appreciated both the idea of the solution and the concept of its application in those areas where product display is an important factor of market success.

eLeader Shelf Recognition AI designed for companies selling with sales representatives and merchandisers, it is based on deep machine learning mechanisms. Based on the photos taken in stores, the software analyzes the display status and, even during the trade visit, provides results that adjust the sales scenarios. In practice, this means that the representative does not have to constantly look at the planogram or, in extreme cases, return to the office to analyze the collected data, and only during the next visit to take corrective actions.

For example, it may be detecting shortages of the company’s products on the shelf and, consequently, completing the order form, verifying whether a specific brand occupies the contracted length of 30% of the shelf or checking whether products with top SKU are on the right shelf in the vicinity of the selected competition. If this is not the case, the employee may point these and other irregularities to the facility manager on the spot. The time saved can be spent on increasing the number of commercial visits or building and strengthening relationships in the visited establishments.

The benefits are also visible on the side of the management, which, in addition to increasing the efficiency of field teams, receives reliable and credible data for analysis, which significantly facilitates making key decisions regarding trade marketing and product exposure.

The application controls the execution and verifies the suitability of the photo before sending it for analysis. In this way, we are sure that the photo taken by the employee will be successfully analyzed, without wasting time on subsequent attempts in the absence of recognition.

Key features of eLeader Shelf Recognition AI:

  • ✔ checks compliance with the planogram and submits a discrepancy report,
  • ✔ the field worker receives the results during a commercial visit,
  • ✔ recognizes products on the shelves of his own and competitors using a photo
  • ✔ works on leading mobile platforms,
  • ✔ has photo verification mechanisms before sending it for analysis,
  • ✔ provides comprehensive data for building reports (presence, share, facing, adjacent, block, shelf number, etc. and their combinations),
  • ✔ provides batch data for BI and Sales Force Automation class systems, thus creating dynamic visit scenarios.

Since our faith in the product is confirmed by the honorable Jury, we can only infect all those who want to base the development of sales strategies on new technologies, especially artificial intelligence.

Information on eLeader Shelf Recognition AI has been collected in this  document.

Award for Productive24

We are also pleased to announce that eLeader received the second prize in the “Best Start-Up” category for the Productive24 platform, which allows you to build – without the participation of programmers – multi-platform, multilingual, complex IT systems available in the cloud. Programming automation in Productive24 solves the problems of long and costly IT systems development and staff shortages in the industry..

About the Best in Cloud competition

The Best in Cloud competition organized by Computerworld aims to disseminate and promote the most effective ways of using cloud technologies. The awards for eLeader were decided by a jury consisting of the CIO of large organizations, and the results of the competition were announced during the Best In Cloud conference, which numbers nearly half a thousand participants.

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