Indigo Nails: automation of the work of distributors with eLeader Mobile Visit

Indigo Nails is a Polish company that produces and sells hybrid nail polishes as well as body care cosmetics. Indigo Nails has been operating on the Polish and international market for many years. Indigo Nails is present in 40 countries around the world – incl. in Australia, Great Britain, Canada and France. Indigo Nails delivers products through its Distributors. These, in turn, employ their sales representatives, whose role is to sell Indigo Nails cosmetics directly to the end customer, i.e. the beauty salon.

In order to streamline the work of sales representatives, enhance the management of a dispersed sales team and align customer care standards, Indigo managers resolved to implement eLeader Mobile Visit, an SFA (Sales Force Automation) system with DMS (Distribution Management System) features.

Equipped with the eLeader application, distributors’ employees have access to the complete list of contractors, who dynamically emerge on the market and disappear from it, and without undue bureaucracy can add new ones to the app so as to seamlessly start cooperating with them. The representatives audit mobile warehouses assigned to their company cars, so that they can stock up on the necessary goods and replenish any shortages before starting a new journey.

The feature of a real-time insight into the current promotions launched by Indigo has a positive impact on the performance of the representatives of partner distributors. With this system, the representatives may individually take binding decisions concerning customer discounts. The distributors can also access data necessary to perform work in the form of mobile reports and count on helpdesk support. 

Some of the distributors collaborating with Indigo Nails carry out orders solely within the manufacturer’s product group. However, where a distributor also sells products of other manufacturers, e.g. beauty salon accessories, eLeader’s app enables them to offer also these products to customers. This way, partner distributors can offer their full range of products to customers through a single application.

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