WSP “Społem” Kielce works with eLeader Mobile Visit

An effective implementation of an SFA / FFM system has provided the manufacturer of the iconic Majonez Kielecki (Kielecki Mayonnaise) with a comprehensive service of field sales operations in the whole of Poland.

The requirements given by Food Manufacturing Cooperative “Społem” Kielce to eLeader focused on a full service of tasks performed in shops by sales representatives. That is why the system supports, in the first place, handling orders and researching the availability of the company’s own and competitors’ products. It is now through eLeader Mobile Visit that visit plans are created and managed both by means of the mobile and website applications. This solution has added clarity to planning and systematized the process. In addition, thanks to the use of advanced mobile storage, sales representatives easily keep track of the release of goods and current inventory balances at particular clients’ points of sale.

As part of the system employees manage sales and promotions, while proposals for these automatically trigger a flow of documents and decisions at particular managerial levels. During the decision-making process work with the application remains uninterrupted and the procedure results in genera0ting an e-mail with the right order. An important improvement to the configuration is the ability to propose promotions in several shops at the same time, while the system manages the flow of the documents individually for each of them.

The managers of “Społem” Kielce emphasize that the implementation of the system has facilitated the work of their sales representatives and increased the scope of tools enabling a versatile analysis of data and information coming from the field.


Line of Business: Food industry
Users: sales representatives, field managers, managers
Platform: Android
Devices: Samsung Galaxy A5

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