Promotion Optimization Institute: eLeader Best-in-Class in UX and merchandising.

eLeader recognized as unmatched user experience and merchandising in the new report “Vendor Panorama for Retail Execution and Monitoring in Consumer Goods 2017”. In the document, published in July 2017 by Promotion Optimization Institute, Dale Hagemeyer assesses world’s top 20 companies providing SFA/FFM/RSE systems.

eLeader system, used in more than 80 countries around the world, keeps all the positive features that were highlighted in last year’s report (we wrote about it HERE), and addressed most of its weak points.

The Institute appreciated the company’s vision as well as product development, and highlighted important feature that eLeader Mobile Visit was awarded the Best-in-Class in merchandising category. The report leaves no doubt that the functionalities of the solution allow sales representatives and promoters to achieve better results in such areas as share of shelf, product availability, exposition standards, etc. That means that eLeader, by developing consistently its products (eg Shelf Recognition, which since 2014 helps customers in merchandising supported by photo analysis) is currently setting global trends.

The eLeader twist on image recognition in that they have their own custom camera with quality control built in to improve image quality.

In the era of sales executives’ attention focused on the perfect condition and service of the exposition, effective merchandising is a particularly big advantage. It is obvious that when success is determined by the consumer’s behavior in front of the product’s shelfs, SFA tools must allow managers effective implementation and verification of their sales strategies.

We are proud of both distinctions, because we worked really hard for them. We are particularly pleased that the expert’s response corresponds with the market reaction for our merchandising solutions. In the near future, expect further proposals from eLeader that, like Shelf Recognition, will introduce a new quality to sales automation.

Paweł Gołubiak
Head of Workforce Business Unit

Best-in-class title for user experience appreciates the evolution of the mobile application’s interface, especially on the Android platform. It is worth focusing on this distinction, because thanks to the improvement of all interactions with the application, user resistance is reduced, and through this, people working in the field can work much better and much more efficient. Modern design, resulting from the systematic approach of visual interfaces of all leading platforms, allows eLeader reinforcing its unquestioned dominance here:

UX is very good, particularly in how it renders on a mobile device. Android has now been enhanced to look more like iPhone.


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