Promotion Optimization Institute (POI): eLeader’s Unique UX and global potential

In the newest POI report called ”Retail Execution Vendor Panorama 2016”, world class mobile solutions for the support and management of sales strategy in the field has been revived.

eLeader’s Sales Force Automation/Field Force Management solution has been ranked very good by the authors of the report – it’s very important, when thinking about constantly growing expectations of organizations, that manage networks of different groups of field representatives.  The report, accordingly to its structure, evaluates the product and the company separately.

As the company; eLeader has been classified in the highest possible way in terms of a global growth, flexibility in implementation capacity and a market timing.

eLeader Mobile Visit application has gained the highest notes in the area of relevance and flexibility of the solution and flexibility of the implementation process. Configuration possibilities, and above all, UX was mentioned and praised here.


eLeader has been considered as unbeatable in the category of User Experience (UX), thanks to eLeader Mobile Visit application, that on smartphones allows on comfortable usage, which is characteristic for tablets (here noteworthy is a way, in which mobile planograms are presented). That convenience of usage and an intuitive interface, which noticeably reduces the resistance in the usage of the software make eLeader Mobile Visit an effective tool, where it comes to work of field representatives, and success is achieved by reduction of time and costs of POS service scattered around the map. The authors of the report noticed eLeader solution in terms of the desktop application, which is used by leaders and managers.

The report also distinguished other functionality – Map Module, that supports field employees in the activity of searching for a new client, the way in which you can manage company’s vehicles, personal structure and the structure of the whole organization. High marks also have earned: the possibility of instant and dynamic change or visit scenario and reaction on anomalies, which is possible thanks to eLeader’ Sales Force Automation solution, and finally, support of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device). BYOD functionality is a full support for all major mobile platforms, and thus, the opportunity to work on private mobile devices, which are in the usage of sales representatives, promoters, merchandisers etc.

start_mobile1The report later has discussed, among other things, the vision of prospect developments and the further implementations for the networks of field representatives, that highly appreciate the global potential of eLeader Mobile Visit application – especially in the context of the recent success on the APAC market.

Flexibility, that allows eLeader to strike itself above the level of the competition, has not escaped the attention of POI analysts. The ability to handle any industry by offering – practically in standard – solution, which can be modeled quickly for any individual needs is also worth mentioning. In addition, eLeader wants to omit the possibility of choosing the wrong solution thanks to the option of a free pilot, with a full version of dedicated mobile solution.

We find that eLeader has global potential because it can handle all commercial models and is very flexible.

The conclusions from the latest POI report are very clear – eLeader is and remains a supplier of a software, which provides unforgettable impression after each usage. eLeader is a company, that offers one of the most mature Sales Force Automation/Field Force Management system on the market, and at the same time , you can expect, that it will regularly provide and present new and improved solutions inspired by customer needs.

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