DANONE NUTRICIA WORLDWIDE: Global standardization of field strategies with eLeader Mobile Visit (CASE STUDY)

NUTRICIA WORLDWIDE aimed at improving the execution of its sales strategy to make it effective for different countries, both in terms of fieldwork standards and global management. The idea came true introducing the SFA / RSE eLeader solution with the Perfect Store & Visit module. The increasing efficiency of representatives working in stores ensures the effective implementation of objectives, and reliable data from around the world feeding the BI system dashboards enable analysis and making better business decisions.


NUTRICIA WORLDWIDE (DANONE) is a leading brand on the global food market of specialized nutrition and present in over 40 countries around the world. The implementation of the SFA system from eLeader is part of a broad project aimed at increasing level of in-store execution to deliver additional growth in the markets that NUTRICIA operates.

Taking care of the implementation of sales force automation systems in various parts of the world, I am sensitive to the nuances that distinguish the style of work of sales teams in individual countries. eLeader Mobile Visit impresses with its functional potential, flexibility and quick adaptation of configurations to the specifics of a given market. eLeader is a truly global player.

Deniss Korotkevics
Sales Force Excellence Manager

NUTRICIA WORLDWIDE has introduced uniform working standards for representatives regardless of latitude and longitude. The most important areas of field operations were expressed as KPIs under the Perfect Store strategic vision. This effective management model through goals serves to better motivate employees of NUTRICIA’s partners and support them with data in the implementation of the most important and impactful day-to-day field tasks. NUTRICIA also strives to obtain the largest capacity to react quickly in a dynamic market. This depends on the ability to efficiently collect information, its efficient analysis and conclusions as well as the effective delegation of tasks to mobile teams. Consistent growth on the market is expressed by expansiveness, i.e. acquiring new stores and increasing the share in the shelf where NUTRICIA products are already present. As a consequence, it was expected to be able to objectively compare the results achieved by individual representatives, individual stores, but also entire countries, including the global KPI of the entire project.

In a word, the company’s headquarters needed coherent data, obtained by well-motivated employees, enabling accurate analysis of field operations at all levels. This is a condition for more accurate business decisions that are made on a regular basis. There was a catch, however…

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