DANONE NUTRICIA WORLDWIDE: Global standardization of field strategies with eLeader Mobile Visit (CASE STUDY)

NUTRICIA WORLDWIDE aimed at improving the execution of its sales strategy to make it effective for different countries, both in terms of fieldwork standards and global management. The idea came true introducing the SFA / RSE eLeader solution with the Perfect Store & Visit module. The increasing efficiency of representatives working in stores ensures the effective implementation of objectives, and reliable data from around the world feeding the BI system dashboards enable analysis and making better business decisions.

eLeader Easy Pay

Automation of orders with mobile payments

We would like to present a new module designed to improve sales in the field using payment terminals. It encourages manufacturers and distributors to take advantage of mobile payments, as well as improves the efficiency and reliability of payment processing for those who already use them, both in the b2b and b2c areas.

best in cloud award avatar

eLeader Shelf Recognition AI winner of Best in Cloud

eLeader Shelf Recognition AI – a solution for automatic analysis of products, merchandising standards and prices, received an award in the Computerworld Best in Cloud 2020 competition in the category “Cloud solutions of artificial intelligence and machine learning”.


eLeader Retail Portal – mobile B2B marketing platform for your customers

Recent events have placed almost all management boards and crisis staffs in manufacturing companies by the most urgent task of adapting almost entirety of business processes. These treatments were a defensive reaction to the serious threats to employees’ health and restrictions of behavior introduced by the government. Now, however, once we know where we stand, it’s time for a counterattack.


Panasonic chooses SFA / RSE eLeader system to increase merchandising efficiency in a modern channel

Panasonic, a manufacturer of a wide range of electronic equipment – from household appliances to hi-fi and video to small consumer electronics – was looking for a solution that would help maintain the highest standards of sales in retail chains. For representatives involved in merchandising and auditing processes, Panasonic has chosen the SFA / RSE eLeader Mobile Visit system.


When is it worth implementing an AI-based analysis of your product shelf?

The immense pace of the AI-based image recognition development has made the automated shelf analysis tools that have been around for several years now much more accessible to producers and field force agencies. Data transfer across cellular networks, the quality of images taken with smartphones, and finally the speed of processing data and returning analysis results are no longer obstacles to the implementation of technologies based on neural network deep learning. However, many sales directors and CIOs are still wondering whether or not to implement such an advanced technology.


Olewnik chooses eLeader Mobile Visit

Zakłady Mięsne (Meat Processing Plants) Olewnik is a group of modern and mutually complementary production plants which since 1989 have ranked among the leading producers in the Polish meat industry. In line with the standards worked out by Olewnik, we have implemented the eLeader Mobile Visit system, focusing on functionalities that automate the work of sales representatives and facilitate the creation of lasting business relations between them and their clients.


Train the sales with Perfect Store!

When talking about the perfect store strategy in sales, we often mention management by objectives, including our assumptions in KPIs, monitoring, optimization and evaluation of results.


eLeader Mobile Visit in Komplet

The international company Komplet is a manufacturer and supplier of products for the bakery and confectionery industry. Komplet Polska has chosen eLeader Mobile Visit to manage and report on its field processes.


POI report: analytics above sales, artificial intelligence and twice Best-in-Class for eLeader

The latest report from Promotion Optimization Institute (POI), addressed to companies seeking solutions that improve sales processes, provides an analysis of the retail market and presents the results of research into technological trends in sales. The document reviews global providers of Retail Store Execution (RSE), SFA and FFM solutions. POI analysts distinguished eLeader in categories related to the user experience of applications and to gamification.