eLeader Mobile Visit automates the work of sales animators at Ingelec (Morocco)

Ingelec is a Moroccan company, which dynamically operates in the household appliances industry. Since its inception, it has been constantly involved in the development of products that meet international standards and the needs of the most demanding customers. Due to the dynamic development of the company and the growing market requirements, Ingelec was looking for a new mobile system that would support the management of sales and merchandising processes, as well as assist animators, working at the points-of-sale.


Shelf Recognition AI changes the way of managing exposition at DANONE Poland

Solutions that use artificial intelligence to manage the availability of products on store shelves are often referred to as the sixth sense of sales reps. This is great that this type of systems is also popular in our country. DANONE group of companies has just reached for eLeader Shelf Recognition AI, the Polish patent. Together, we make sure to recognize the needs of the brand consumers faster and respond to them more accurately.


Your shelf data is not reliable… Unless you have Shelf Recognition

Modern sales are an area of commerce that increasingly relies on data. In a world where almost everything can be measured and calculated, the area left to subjective evaluation is shrinking. While an element of emotion, risk or madness may even be advisable in the creation of business visions, it should be kept to a minimum in the execution and implementation of business concepts.


Indigo Nails: automation of the work of distributors with eLeader Mobile Visit

Indigo Nails is a Polish company that produces and sells hybrid nail polishes as well as body care cosmetics. Indigo Nails has been operating on the Polish and international market for many years. Indigo Nails is present in 40 countries around the world – incl. in Australia, Great Britain, Canada and France. Indigo Nails delivers products through its Distributors. These, in turn, employ their sales representatives, whose role is to sell Indigo Nails cosmetics directly to the end customer, i.e. the beauty salon.

eLeader Mobile Visit w branży farmaceutycznej

eLeader Mobile Visit in the pharmaceutical industry

The digitization and automation of the work of sales representatives involved in everyday cooperation with pharmacies is a necessary condition for effective management of the sale and distribution of pharmaceuticals. Multi-Pharm S.A. has implemented the eLeader Mobile Visit application, confident that deployment of a Sales Force Automation system will bring positive results in the near future.

Shelf Recognition AI cover

Is your product shelf keeping up with the sales?

Sales volume data provides a fairly decent insight into the market and your company’s position in relation to the competition. What analyses based on sales reports will often leave out, however, is some important information which determines not only the accuracy of managers’, but also sales representatives’ decisions.

Diamenty Forbes'a eLeader

eLeader once again among Forbes Diamonds

eLeader Sp. z o.o. once again was included in the list of Forbes Diamonds 2022 among the most dynamically developing companies in Poland.

Castel Logo eleader news

One of the brewing industry leaders in Africa chooses eLeader

Castel is among the leaders in the production and distribution of beer and non-alcoholic beverages in Africa, with operations in 21 countries on the continent.


eLeader Mobile Visit at Goodvalley

A system from eLeader supports sales representatives at Goodvalley, an agricultural company from Pomerania that specializes in production and processing of pork from its own farms. The company operates based on a sustainable model of agriculture.

Spomlek Wsrosty Case Study eLeader Mobile Visit

Increased product presence through the implementation of eLeader Perfect Store & Visit at Spomlek

Spomlek, a manufacturer of excellent cheeses available in modern and traditional channels, decided to use the potential of management by objectives. Our client designed and implemented a perfect store model for exposure management. To execute a strategy based on key performance indicators (KPIs), they relied on eLeader Perfect Store & Visit.